So, blacks are okay with white racism as long as it comes from a Democrat? The Washington Post says so

A new survey published over the weekend will most likely be used by embattled Gov. Ralph “Infanticide” Northam as justification to ignore calls from all political corners to resign after overtly racist photos surfaced on the personal page of his 1984 yearbook.

According to a Washington Post-Schar School poll that was conducted over three days last week, Virginia’s “broader population” is about evenly split at about 47 percent each between demanding that step down and wanting him to stay in office following the publication of a photo depicting one person in blackface and another wearing a KKK hood and robe. For his part, Northam says he doesn’t believe he is either person in the photo — which came after he immediately apologized for it and pledged to ‘do better.’ For the record, according to reports, students picked the photos for their yearbook pages.

The more interesting result regarding the Post-Schar School poll has to do with the alleged reaction from blacks in Virginia. “African-Americans, however, prefer that the Democrat remain in office, 58 percent to 37 percent,” the poll claimed. “Whites are more evenly divided.”

A majority of blacks are okay with Northam either dressing in blackface and/or posing in KKK regalia? Is that believable? Because to accept that result we’d have to conclude that most blacks — in the Commonwealth, at least — are perfectly fine with overt racism (the KKK outfit is what set most people off, let’s be honest about it) as long as it is a Democrat who commits the offense.

Or is it possible — just possible — the Post’s “survey” was designed specifically to give Northam political cover?

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    Is that really out of the realm? Keep in mind this is the same newspaper that just spent $5.2 million on an ad during the Super Bowl claiming big “J” journalism “dies in darkness” then buried a story about a sexual assault claim against Virginia’s black Democratic Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax the next day.

    It’s also the same paper that has been the lead dog in perpetuating the Trump-Russia “collusion” hoax with a series of fake stories spoon-fed to it by Deep State operatives who concocted the hoax in the first place.

    As one black leader after another stepped up to condemn Northam in the days after the photo was published, it’s just a bridge to far to believe that a majority of black Virginia residents are just fine with their governor choosing to publish a picture of someone dressed up as a Ku Klux Klan member as recently as the mid-1980s in a college yearbook.

    The polling results can only mean one of two things, though: Blacks in Virginia are okay with racism as long as it comes from a Democrat or the survey results are concocted so that Northam can cling to office. Because if he goes, Fairfax has to step down over what appear to be credible sexual assault allegations, and Democratic Attorney General Mark Herring who has also admitted to wearing blackface in college resigns, the next in line for the governorship in the state is House Speaker Kirk Cox — a Republican.

    Sound fantastical? Remember, it’s politics, it’s the Democrat Party — a walking, talking entity of hypocrisy — and it’s the Washington Post. Stranger things have happened.

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