For years, Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts claimed she was a Native American, critics believe so she could use a “minority” status to get a jump-start to her career in academia.

After years of denying it, actual proof surfaced earlier this month that she did, indeed, falsely claim Native American heritage as she began climbing her career ladder. As we reported, she actually wrote “Native American” as her “race” on a registration card for the State Bar of Texas in 1986 after finishing law school.

The revelation came a week after she formally apologized to the Cherokee Nation for making false heritage claims for nearly 20 years.

Republicans weren’t buying it, of course.

“For the seven years this has been in the news, Elizabeth Warren has refused to apologize. Now, four days before her formal presidential launch, she’s issued a politically opportunistic apology that doesn’t go nearly far enough,” Republican National Committee (RNC) spokesman Mike Reed said in a statement, referring to Warren’s plan to formally begin her campaign for the White House last week.

“Warren pretended to be a minority to climb the Ivy League ladder — a lie that will continue to haunt her presidential ambitions.”

No doubt about it. But now, as she formally launched her campaign during an event in Iowa over the weekend, it’s become obvious that Warren’s biggest problem going forward is being honest with voters.

“By the time we get to 2020, Donald Trump may not even be President,” Warren reportedly told voters. “In fact, he may not even be a free person.”

Is that so? Just what is this prediction based on — special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation? Testimony from a known liar, former personal lawyer Michael Cohen? Political dirty trickster Roger Stone’s recent arrest? Tea leaves? An eight-ball prediction? Raised hairs on the back of her neck?

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    Why would Warren make such an unbelievably irresponsible and baseless claim? Well, we don’t know because as usual, the Democrat-friendly press didn’t ask her to explain it and, as far as we can tell, neither did anyone else at the rally.

    Let’s be clear: There is no evidence whatsoever suggesting that POTUS Trump is on the brink of being in any legal jeopardy whatsoever. None. Nada. Zilch. But because “Trump-Russia collusion” has been Democrats’ bread-and-butter, go-to, campaign-fundraising fallback narrative for months, Warren obviously felt compelled to perpetuate it in Iowa.

    But this is a longstanding pattern of behavior for her: Dishonesty.

    While she likes to claim that POTUS Trump is the liar-in-chief, she continues to prove that she is the one who has difficulty telling the truth. If she’s not fibbing about being Native American, she’s falsifying claims that the president is living on borrowed legal time. She’s a walking, talking fabrication factory.

    The Mueller investigation and the alleged reason for launching it is a scandal of the highest order devised by the Obama administration and carried out by dutiful #NeverTrump Deep State ground troops to distract and derail a presidency that no one in the D.C. establishment supports or wants to succeed. There is nothing to indicate this president is a Russia-aligned Manchurian candidate; only the most rabidly deranged Democrats and their supporters believe that.

    Warren’s entire career has been premised on a falsehood. Now she’s trying to bamboozle voters into supporting her by teasing false hope.

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