By Jon Dougherty

The Washington Post on Friday published what it no doubt considers to be its latest “gotcha” story regarding POTUS Donald Trump and his ‘hypocrisy’ over illegal immigration.

The crux of the story is this: Though as candidate and president, Trump has advocated for stricter enforcement of existing immigration laws as well as enacting reforms to ensure that the laws can even be enforced, the president’s various businesses have employed illegal aliens from time to time.

The Post story began:

During the recent government shutdown, a number of people who worked for Trump National Golf Club in Westchester County, N.Y., were summoned to the facility — then closed for the season — for a meeting with their bosses. There, they were fired, some after years of service, because they were in the country illegally. The terminations followed a similar action at Trump’s golf club in Bedminster, N.J., last year.

On Friday, The Washington Post reported that there are entire communities of former Trump Organization employees in Central America, people who once worked illegally for President Trump’s sprawling resort empire as undocumented immigrants, often with their supervisors’ knowledge. People who helped build the Trump Organization as it now is, some of whom were lucky to avoid the fate of those staffers in Westchester, moving back home before the politics of a president railing against illegal immigration while profiting from undocumented immigrants’ work became untenable.

This issue came up during the campaign, too, on several occasions. As with so many other controversies that Trump faced during 2016, the question of his employing undocumented immigrants — as when The Post talked to people building his hotel on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington — was quickly washed away by some other newer or bigger controversy. But when it came up, it prompted Trump to assert repeatedly that he was doing something he clearly wasn’t: Screening his employees to make sure they could work legally in the United States.

At one point, in fact, he suggested that those who employ immigrants in the country illegally should face “a huge financial penalty” — or that it “could be beyond a financial penalty.”

During the campaign, the president often said he used E-Verify in his businesses to ensure that he was hiring people who were in the country legally — because he was asked about it frequently by Left-wing media types offended by his tough stance on illegal immigration.

The Post noted, however, that businessman Trump did not use E-Verify at all of his businesses, just many of them. However, the paper said, at others, the Trump Organization used a third-party contractor to weed out illegal workers. So the effort was definitely being made to find out whether Trump Organization workers were in the country legally, as even the Post acknowledges.

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    But neither system was 100 percent successful, obviously. And though the Trump Organization announced last month it would expand E-Verify to all its properties, the fact remains that the system isn’t foolproof.

    So rather than focus on two positives — one, the Trump Organization provides jobs for a lot of people; and two, the Trump Organization was doing its best to ensure that all its workers were in the country legally — the Post chose the “gotcha” angle instead. Of course; it’s the Post, which has spent more time and money scrutinizing this president than it ever did to scrutinize Obama.

    But the real story is this: POTUS Trump is exactly right when he implores Democrats (and RINOs) to join him in fixing loopholes in the system, in addition to shoring up physical security along the border, because obviously, the systems in place aren’t getting the job done, E-Verify included.

    And that’s understandable, given that an increasing number of Democrat-run states like California and New York are passing laws that make it harder for systems to weed out illegal workers who now have driver’s licenses, taxpayer ID numbers, and other ‘documentation’ that make it seem like they’re legal residents, if not citizens.

    Maybe the Post can do an expose on the immigration loopholes — you know, so that ‘democracy doesn’t die in darkness.’

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