Defiant: Dozens of New Mexico sheriffs take stance against state’s new gun control legislation

More than two dozen New Mexico sheriffs have stepped up to voice their opposition to new gun control legislation that is currently being considered by the state legislature.

“You’re just taking guns out of law-abiding citizen’s hands,” Lea County Sheriff Corey Helton told KOAT-TV. “This is not going to affect the criminals out there. They’re going to be able to get guns and they do not follow the law.”

Helton is one of 29 sheriffs who signed onto a statement issued by the New Mexico Sheriff’s Association opposing four related gun control bills they say will not at all be effective crime deterrents, but would instead criminalize lawful gun owners.

The measures include:

— House Bill 83, which gives law enforcement authority to temporarily take away guns from anyone considered by a court to be an imminent threat (a so-called “red flag” law);

— House Bill 87, which proposes to prohibit anyone under a protective order from purchasing a firearm;

— House Bill 180, which mandates that gun owners ‘safely store’ guns around children or face legal penalties;

— Senate Bill 8, requiring background checks for all gun sales including private exchanges.

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    State Rep. Joy Garratt, a Democrat, believes, for instance, that HB83 could have prevented the Parkland, Florida, high school massacre — though there were already plenty of warning signs that the FBI, local police, and local school officials failed to act on regarding the alleged shooter, Nikolas Cruz.

    Though Garratt says she doesn’t believe any of the bills violate the Second Amendment — which includes the language “shall not be infringed” in terms of guaranteeing Americans their “right to keep and bear arms” — Helton doesn’t agree. He told local media that the laws being proposed are either redundant or they aren’t constitutional, adding that existing gun laws already offer people enough protection.

    “I’m proud to say I’m a constitutional sheriff and I’m just not going to enforce an unconstitutional law,” Helton noted. “My oath prevents me from doing that.”

    It’s important to note that there are only 33 counties in New Mexico, meaning that all but four county sheriffs have signed onto the association’s statement opposing the bills, the website reported.

    The proposals would unnecessarily punish New Mexico residents for the failings of law enforcement and school officials — and the FBI — in a single county in Florida, the website noted further.

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  • 3 Comments on "Defiant: Dozens of New Mexico sheriffs take stance against state’s new gun control legislation"

    1. Let me guess: the four sheriffs who did not sign were all from the counties with the biggest Dem-run cities in NM.

    2. IMHO federal and state elected politicians love to write legislation BECAUSE THEY’RE BORED and have to look as though they’re earning their paycheck, thereby JUSTIFYING THEIR CONTINUED EMPLOYMENT/RE-ELECTION!

      If you were to ask any elected moron if they have evidence that the laws, legislation, codes and policies they write, actually apply to the private men and women just because they are physically in a given geographic area commonly referred to as a state, they will emphatically tell you “yes”, and will insist it all automatically applies.

      HOWEVER, when you demand that they produce tangible, factual, personal firsthand irrefutable evidence that they can personally attest to the veracity of under penalty of perjury,. They go silent for a while, their eyes glaze over, you can almost see the gears in their head turning.. Then an idea pops into their head and they’ll tell you that a drivers license proves it applies, but you know the government prosecute people who have never had a license, so that destroys that argument. THEN they’ll drone on about paying for roads and schools, but we all know that roads and schools are built by private companies. The government is just the middleman who taxes you and then grossly overpays for roads and schools “while taking a bribe for awarding the contract to whichever private company donates “see bribe” the largest amount of money to the politicians”..

      Politicians will inevitably tell you about what they call, “the social contract”, ie their constitutions/laws,. Whereby the “citizen” exchanges his/her loyalty to the government and to be bound by whatever bs they put to paper, in exchange for the governments protection.

      There is fraud in that social contract fairy tale though. The government, via it’s own courts “up to and including the supreme court” have consistently “abrogated” the governments duty to protect you, and ruled that the government DOES NOT have a duty to protect you. This abrogation completely NULLIFIES and DESTROYS any notion of a social contract that would/could obligate you to be bound by their laws

      All they can produce as proof of the applicability of their laws is THEIR OPINION and HEARSAY, which can never remotely qualify as being tangible, factual, personal firsthand irrefutable evidence. In fact, opinion and hearsay is all they can ever or have ever been able to produce as proof of their belief. Which is always followed by the statement, “if you don’t like the laws, leave” which goes to prove how fraudulent the entire system that they wholeheartedly believe “but can’t prove” applies to you, really is. Then their arguments collapse like a cheap tent and yet they have the audacity to become incredulous that you would even ask for evidence of their alleged authority over you, because they just realized that they can’t prove any of their bs applies to you.

      Here is what they can actually produce as to who the laws, codes, legislation and policies do actually apply to. Oaths of office as contractual obligations to be bound by constitutions and laws.
      If you do not have an oath of office, then none of their bs applies to you.
      Do you, as a private man/woman have such an oath that would obligate you to be bound to adhere to any asinine thing a politician puts to paper? No? Then how could any of it possibly apply to you?

      So what does all of this tell us? It tells us that without your apathy and their lies, deceit, fraud, coercion, threats of violence and resorting to actual violence to force you to obey their lies, fraud and theft, they got nothin. it also tells us that their laws, codes, legislation and policies DO NOT apply to private men and women.

      Government; Ideas so good, they’re willing to kill you if you fail to obey that which they can’t ever prove applies to you!

    3. I am quite proud of the sheriff’s

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