By Jon Dougherty

Seeing the writing on the wall and figuring he’d best get out in front of the story before it became a story, Virginia’s Democratic attorney general, Mark Herring, ‘admitted’ that, once upon a time in college, he “wore blackface” to imitate a favorite rap star.

On Wednesday, Herring issued a statement saying he wore brown makeup and a wig in 1980 to look like a black rapper at a party when he was a 19-year-old undergraduate at the University of Virginia.

Herring, in his statement, said he and a couple of friends tried to dress up as Kurtis Blow and other famous rap stars of the day.

“It sounds ridiculous even now writing it. But because of our ignorance and glib attitudes — and because we did not have an appreciation for the experiences and perspectives of others — we dressed up and put on wigs and brown makeup,” he said.

Herring’s mea culpa comes after the commonwealth’s top elected official, also a Democrat — Gov. Ralph “Infanticide” Northam — attracted unwanted attention for overt racism.

“That conduct clearly shows that, as a young man, I had a callous and inexcusable lack of awareness and insensitivity to the pain my behavior could inflict on others. It was really a minimization of both people of color, and a minimization of a horrific history I knew well even then,” Herring continued.

Oh, for Pete’s sake.

You know, once upon a time Americans were familiar with this saying: “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” What it means for you perpetually offended and triggered SJWs is that imitating someone is a great way of paying them a compliment; it showed that you wanted to be like the person you were imitating.

When white kids want to imitate black heroes and pop culture figures, it only makes sense they would use makeup to darken their skin and wigs. After all, didn’t two of the Wayans brothers, Marlon and Shawn, once portray “White Chicks“?

If you haven’t seen that 2004 movie, you should watch it. It wasn’t “racist.” It wasn’t “insulting.” Not only is the storyline unique, but the Wayans brothers are also seriously funny. It was a great film.

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    Which brings us back to Herring’s ‘apology.’ It was completely political, which is to say it isn’t genuine. In fact, it’s insulting; Herring actually called on Northam to resign over his racist incident.

    But the apology is also unnecessary. Regardless of what Herring wrote in his politically correct, virtue-signaling statement, he wasn’t trying to be insulting or racist towards blacks; he was trying to imitate someone he looked up to and respected and liked, and that required him dressing like his hero.

    The same is probably true for Northam, though admittedly if he’s the schmuck in the KKK outfit pictured in his 1984 med school yearbook on his page, that’s taking imitation too far. No one should want to emulate the Ku Klux Klan, which was nothing more than a domestic terrorist group, albeit a Democratic terrorist group.

    Actually, Northam’s bigger problem is his lust for killing babies, which he admitted to in an interview with a local radio station last week. Democrats would much rather he had not mentioned how they all feel about post-birth abortion: That it really should be legal and up to mom and doc.

    All told, however, here’s what makes these Virginia ‘blackface’ incidents newsworthy in today’s America: There isn’t a day that goes by when some Democrat isn’t accusing POTUS Donald Trump and his supporters of being white supremacists, bigots, and racists, and that’s just too hypocritical to let stand.

    The Klan was a creation of Democrats. Jim Crow laws were passed in the Old South by Democrats. Slavery was practiced mostly by, and defended by, Democrats.

    More recently, the KKK was active during the civil rights era. Former VP and U.S. Sen. Joe Biden was an early opponent of desegregating American schools (which he claimed was out of concern for “black pride”). And now, today, we find that Democrats and their Left-wing supporters are still the party of in-your-face racism. And wasn’t it that Leftist nut job Bill Maher who just make a racist stereotyping reference about fried chicken to a black GOP lawmaker, Rep. Will Hurd or Texas?

    Why yes — yes, it was.

    Democrats have the history of racism in America, not Republicans, and not just run-of-the-mill racism, but racial hatred to the point of believing it’s okay to own human beings who don’t look like you or kill them if they started to believe they actually have the same rights as whites.

    The real problem with Herring, Northam, Maher, and other Leftists isn’t what they did to flatter someone back in the day. It’s what they say now about their political opponents; it’s hypocritical and it can’t be allowed to go unchallenged.

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