By Jon Dougherty

On his nationally syndicated talk radio show Tuesday, Rush Limbaugh mused about new polling figures regarding POTUS Donald Trump’s rising approval ratings ahead of his third State of the Union Address later tonight and how the “Deep State” that has tried to get rid of him is no doubt exasperated and at their “wit’s end.”

“The deep state, I cannot imagine the total exasperation, the wits’ end frustration, the absolute, after all of this, inability to make a single dent in Donald Trump and his job approval, has got to be driving them nuts. The Rasmussen people put out the presidential approval numbers today, and we know they’re right because of CNN’s numbers yesterday,” Limbaugh said.

Rasmussen Reports noted Tuesday that POTUS Trump’s approval rating had climbed to 48 percent this week; CNN, meanwhile, which notoriously lowballs the president’s approval numbers, has him at 40 percent.

Limbaugh noted that with all the continuing non-stop negative coverage of the president in the “mainstream” media, the ongoing special counsel investigation by Robert Mueller, and the recent government shutdown, the Deep State has thrown everything it has at the president but he continues to remain popular with a large swath of American voters.

Too big a swath, in fact, for Democrats to comfortably push to remove Trump from office.

“Rasmussen has Trump at 48% approval. After all of this. After over two years of 92 percent negative news coverage multiple times a day, after the coordinated effort of the deep state with the Mueller investigation, the so-called Russian collusion investigation and all of the illegal activity in court to shut down elements of the Trump agenda,” Limbaugh said.

“All of the media coverage designed to portray Donald Trump as an absolute wandering shred of human debris, the purpose of which was to get his approval numbers down to the thirties, and they’ve even been fantasizing about twenties because that’s the only way they’re gonna be able to get rid of him,” he continued.

And here he is on the day of the State of the Union, starting the third year of his four-year term, and he is at 48 percent, two points higher than Obama. This means that in terms of their objective, the actions of the deep state in the past two-plus years have to be chalked up as a bomb,” Limbaugh noted.

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    Though POTUS Trump has never been found to have committed criminal “collusion” with Russia or any other crime, the Deep State has been attempting to fabricate one so he can be successfully removed from office.

    “Trump has not committed any crimes, any impeachment high crimes, and misdemeanors. They were trying to create all of that,” he said. “They have been trying to create circumstances where Trump supporters would get fed up and tired and abandon him. They haven’t and they won’t. I told you.”

    Limbaugh added:

    And the reason I know this 48% Rasmussen number is true is because CNN yesterday released their number and Trump is at 40 in their number. And remember we played the audio sound bite of the anchorette infobabe Poppy Harlow expressing complete frustration at it. “I don’t know how this number can be,” she said.

    They’re all sitting there thinking every day a number of different things. They’re gonna find the smoking gun that Trump colluded with Russia or that they can say Trump colluded or that they’re gonna succeed in driving his approval numbers down to the point that nobody will defend him and he has to go, and they are bombing out.

    The president is expected to call for unity and cooperation between Democrats and Republicans tonight during his State of the Union Address, but some analysts — Limbaugh included — aren’t at all convinced that Democrats will respond — which could be the point of POTUS making the gesture, so Americans can see the Democrats’ rejection.

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