Trump 2020: How the president is cruising to victory no matter who the Dems nominate

By Jon Dougherty

You wouldn’t know it by reading, watching, or listening to the #NeverTrump mainstream media (MSM), but the president is cruising to a 2020 victory, and it won’t matter who stumbles first over the line in the all-out Democrat war to secure the Socialist Party’s nomination.

While whomever the Democrats nominate will be preaching freebies and other irresponsible economic policies, POTUS Donald Trump will have a solid four-year record of massive job and economic growth unrivaled since the days of Ronald Reagan.

As you likely know, job creation figures for the month of January were announced last week and they were nothing short of spectacular: In a month where the “experts” predicted tepid growth of about 150,000-175,000 jobs, the real number clocked in at nearly double that — at 304,000. That figure includes a remarkable number of new manufacturing jobs like those that Barack Obama once told an audience were never coming back.

The New Orders Index soared by 6.9 percentage points last month as well, something else Obama said would never happen again. “That ship has sailed,” he noted nonchalantly.

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    In addition to jobs and order growth, blue-collar wages are also starting to increase. As the country hovers near full employment thanks to the president’s economic policies, that means good workers are harder to find; companies are having to pay more to attract them. That’s good; year-over-year payroll growth is was 3.2 percent.

    As many colleges and universities churn out many graduates with degrees that don’t apply in the real world, working-class Americans are foregoing expensive (and worthless) educations for trade schools and the industry sector. There’s been a 4.2 percent wage increase for sales employees and a 4.1 percent increase for leisure and hospitality workers — and all without a job-killing mandated wage increase compliments of socialist Democrats.

    But wait — wasn’t the government shutdown supposed to kill the miracle Trump economy? It was if you listened to the naysayers and the big-government Democrats who think that nothing works outside of the Washington, D.C., bubble unless government is working.

    In addition to the economic revival the president is leading — and he’ll have even better numbers to campaign on once he hits the trail later this year and into next year — the president has already accomplished other objectives (promises kept) will he’s on the cusp of massive breakthroughs in foreign policy:

    — He renegotiated NATFA, as pledged, and now the new United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) awaits congressional approval and the approval of the equivalent governmental bodies in the other two countries. When ratified, trade between the three countries will be much fairer than it was under NAFTA.

    — Trump has also renegotiated a trade deal with South Korea, and his administration is also negotiating new deals with Japan, the UK, and the European Union.

    — As for trade, the president is very close to a historic new deal with China — one the government in Beijing is desperate to make. The president is set to meet with President Xi Jinping later this month, possibly in Da Nang, Vietnam, ahead of a March 1 deadline to impose $200 billion more in tariffs on a slowing Chinese economy that has Communist party leaders worried about domestic unrest.

    — Also later this month, POTUS is expected to hold a second round of face-to-face talks with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, who has given up testing long-range missiles, stopped work on much of the country’s nuclear weapons research and development, and has already destroyed a nuclear weapons testing facility. If the president pulls this off — and I think he will — it will be one of the major foreign policy achievements not just of this century but of last century as well.

    — The president is steadily moving towards U.S. military disengagement and withdrawal from Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan after nearly two decades of war. These withdrawals are not popular with the War Hawk Deep State but they are hugely popular with the American people. Like us, the president is tired of ongoing brushfire wars without any end in sight.

    — Finally, the president will, one way or another, secure the funding necessary to add hundreds of miles of barrier along the U.S.-Mexico boundary in places where the Border Patrol and other immigration authorities say it is vitally necessary. Illegal immigration will drop, crime related to it will drop, and so will drug smuggling — all huge feathers in the president’s reelection cap.

    Meantime, he has appointed scores of constitutionalist judges to the federal bench, lowered taxes with GOP congressional help, cut red tape, reduced bureaucracy, lifted our manufacturing sector to 25-year highs, and revitalized our energy sector to the point where the United States is now an oil-and-gas exporter.

    And his approval rating remains high for these divided times — 45-48 percent.

    Will the president get reelected in 2020 on these accomplishments? I have no doubts about it. He promised to “Make America Great Again” and by any fair measure he is doing that.

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  • 5 Comments on "Trump 2020: How the president is cruising to victory no matter who the Dems nominate"

    1. The Democrats are very good at cheating and vote fraud. Don’t count your chickens just yet.

    2. Sending jobs to third world countries negates and then some any gains in clean air and water made in America
      Mass migration helps only cheap labor supply off shore helps cheap labor . That is all.
      Over all it is harmful to living standards.

    3. Employment is up, wages are up, the economy has improved, the military is getting the best equipment now that Trump is it’s Commander-in-Chief, bad trade agreements that hurt America are replaced with trade agreements that strengthen America, and all this success under President Trump’s leadership angers Democrats who were working hard to weaken and destroy America. Trump has interfered in their globalist, socialist, ungodly, baby-killing, pedophilic, NWO one-world government agenda, and they are infuriated. God bless President Trump, all patriots, all child protectors, and all those standing up to fight and defeat the evil leftists and their Deep State, techno, Hollywood, and msm shills.

    4. NAFTA.

    5. We need him in 20/20 I hope he will run there seems to be a whispering campaign saying POTUS will not run in 20/20. We need him to block the DNC presidential candidate another DNC experiment that the country can ill afford.

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