By Jon Dougherty

Another day, another leak from an anonymous White House source, suggesting anew that POTUS Donald Trump really should fire everyone who has worked there before his administration and hire anew.

In the latest attempt to undermine this president, a person described by Axios as “a White House source” leaked “nearly every day of President Trump’s private schedule for the past 3 months to Axios’ Alexi McCammond,” the website reported Sunday.

And of course, the site published the leak without any regard whatsoever to the president, his security, or his privacy.

According to the post, the daily schedules show that Trump “has spent around 60% of his scheduled time over the past 3 months in unstructured ‘Executive Time.'”

Without context, the leak allowed highly partisan outlets like those fools over at MSNBC’s Trump-hating “Morning Joe” to “report” that “Barack Obama worked around the clock compared to Donald Trump.”

Host Joe Scarborough said Monday, “There are seniors playing shuffleboard in Boca retirement communities who work more than the president of the United States right now.”

Funny, Joe.

But Axios also noted that the leaked schedules “do not list all Trump’s meetings over the past three months. That’s because many of his meetings are spur of the moment, according to senior White House officials with direct knowledge of his daily habits.”

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    Axios noted further that Trump “sometimes has meetings during Executive Time that he doesn’t want most West Wing staff to know about for fear of leaks” (go figure). “And his mornings sometimes include calls with heads of state, political meetings and meetings with counsel in the residence, which aren’t captured on these schedules” (you don’t say).

    So in other words, this unconventional president keeps an unconventional schedule.

    Wow. What a national emergency.

    Madeleine Westerhout, President Trump’s personal secretary, was outraged. She tweeted on Sunday:

    “What a disgraceful breach of trust to leak schedules. What these don’t show are the hundreds of calls and meetings @realDonaldTrump takes everyday. This POTUS is working harder for the American people than anyone in recent history.”

    Despite all of the president’s accomplishments thus far, for some Axios remains fixated on POTUS Trump’s schedule. About a year ago the site published another, similar story attempting to claim that he goofs off a lot — again, based on a White House leak that cannot be verified and can easily be taken out of context.

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