This stunningly ‘inclusive,’ patriotic JEEP ad has stolen the Super Bowl

Sometimes words just get in the way of an awesome message.

So we’re not going to waste a lot of them here. We’re just going to post an incredibly patriotic, all-inclusive, 110 percent American ad aimed at uniting all of us in this divisive time.

“Jeep — that automotive symbol of all things good, decent and American — is featuring an advertisement in the run-up to the game with “The Star-Spangled Banner” being played against a variety of visuals,” the Conservative Tribune noted.

Without further ado, here it is.

Enjoy — and celebrate America with us, compliments of Jeep.

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11 Comments on "This stunningly ‘inclusive,’ patriotic JEEP ad has stolen the Super Bowl"

  1. Thank you. We could not have this ad or lifestyle if we were not a Constitutional Republic. God Bless America.

  2. So true , just tragic the 60 odd million murdered babies could not watch it .

  3. Hello from Canada.

    Loved it. It made me wish I was a part of President Trumps America.

  4. It is good to see a positive depiction, I was a little worried about the word ‘inclusive’ that it would be an overtly Social Justice type of message, but it wasn’t, this displayed exactly what makes our country great and worthwhile…thanks…

  5. I typically skip the bowl commercials to go get another beer.

  6. Thank you for showing this ad - love it! I wouldn’t see it otherwise because I won’t watch the game or the half time show due to all the rediculous political garbage.

  7. Excellent commercial. I also love my Jeep.

  8. drove one in 1953 in Korea,, bought one in 1916. love it and the ad!

  9. I’m going to right in the middle of not watching the Super Bowl when this ad comes on. The magic is gone.

  10. TO BAD their vehicle is JUNK? I skip ALL commercials ALL the time, BUT the bunny & I don’t use the product. The bunny is a KMA character type

  11. Was that a “Q” in the dirt?

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