On his popular nationally-syndicated talk radio program Friday following the publication of a photo in Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam’s medical school yearbook depicting one person dressed in blackface and another in full a full KKK outfit, Mark Levin blasted the mainstream media (MSM) and especially the Washington Post for failing to fully vet the Democratic leader.

Levin, who noted that the paper endorsed Northam for governor, said that editors and reporters dug deeply into the background of Trump nominee Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh before and during his confirmation hearings, including examining his high school and college yearbooks. He also noted the paper.

But apparently, he pointed out, the paper — as well as other MSM outlets — failed to do that for Northam, even though they routinely go to the extreme to vet Republicans.

“This raises a lot of issues, really,” Levin said. “How is it that the media didn’t even look at [Northam’s] medical yearbook? How’s that possible? They’re hunting down Kavanaugh’s high school yearbook,” said Levin.

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“They’re taking any piece of information they can. They’re digging and digging and interview people, and so forth and so on. The Washington Post, which is the big newspaper in the DC metropolitan area, covering the city, Virginia and Maryland, and so forth – they endorsed Northam for governor. Do they take any responsibility for not doing a proper vetting?”

“He didn’t run for governor as a doctor,” Levin noted further. “[H]e had been the lieutenant governor. The contrive so much, take things out of context – thoroughly dishonest.

“Yet, somehow they missed this, somehow they missed this. I’m not saying they covered it up. I’m saying they didn’t want to look. They don’t look at the background of a Democrat running for office as thoroughly as they look at a Republican.”

Several Left-leaning groups and at least two 2020 Democratic presidential contenders have called on Northam to resign.

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