By Jon Dougherty, editor-in-chief

POTUS Donald Trump on Wednesday re-nominated a slate of conservative, constitutional originalists to serve on the famously Leftist 9th Circuit Court after reports claimed the White House was ‘negotiating’ with Democratic California Sens. Dianne Feinstein and Kamala Harris on more ‘moderate’ selections.

The Washington Times reported that the president’s new list includes a trio of nominees for the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals that includes states on the West Coast along with Alaska and Hawaii, which Leftists have often turned to in order to block what many view as lawful executive actions on immigration, national security, and migrant resettlements.

In addition, the president named four nominees to federal judgeships in California.

His announcement followed a Wall Street Journal editorial which claimed that POTUS Trump’s new White House counsel, Pat Cipollone, had been contactec by Feinstein and Harris who asked “that the White House work with us to reach an agreement on a consensus package of nominees.”

The WSJ noted further:

The Democrats want to pick one name from the White House list, one from their own, and a third consensus nominee.


A concession to them now on nominees would rightly be seen as political weakness. It would concede influence that neither Senator has earned and set a precedent for other Democrats who would demand similar consideration. The result would be nominees who aren’t nearly as qualified, or as originalist in their thinking, as Mr. Trump’s nominees have been.

National Review Online pointed out why this deal, if it was really in the works, would have been a disaster for the White House and conservatives’ attempts to remake the Leftist 9th Circuit:

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There are currently six vacancies on the Ninth Circuit (three in California, one in Oregon, one in Washington state, and one in Arizona).  Confirming judges to these six seats would bring the balance of active judges to 13-Republican-appointed and 16-Democrat-appointed—within just two seats of a flip.  This, on the “Ninth Circus”—the most notoriously-liberal appellate court in the land.

But the president’s latest list of nominees “should put those fears to rest,” the Times reported.

Two of the appeals court nominees, Daniel P. Collins and Kenneth Kiyul Lee, were names that POTUS has previously submitted. A third — Danial A. Bress — is considered to be a rising star among potential judges considered to be constitutionalists.

As TownHall’s Matt Vespa noted, the reason why the president has had to re-nominate dozens of judiciary picks was because now-retired Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.), who was an ardent opponent, had blocked them from consideration last year.

Flake “insisted on blocking Trump judicial nominations until a binding protect Robert Mueller (i.e. Russia probe) bill was put up for a vote on the Senate floor,” Vespa wrote.

“It’s a bill whose constitutionality is questionable, and it’s something that President Trump would have never signed. It was a fool’s errand. It’s the last tantrum from a man who’d rather go down being a thorn in the side of his party—and Flake was very much that in the end.”

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