Fox News personality and national radio host Sean Hannity said in a column Wednesday that the FBI’s SWAT-style raid and arrest of longtime political operative and POTUS Trump associate Roger Stone is the latest ominous sign that Americans have completely lost control of their government.

Stone was arrested Friday in a pre-dawn raid that was filmed by CNN, the only news network on hand for the arrest. Video showed agents rushing up to Stone’s Fort Lauderdale, Fla., home after being indicted by special counsel Robert Mueller on seven counts including allegedly lying to Congress and obstruction of justice.

Hannity noted that several Obama administration officials have been caught or exposed for the same alleged crimes, yet none of them have been arrested much less charged.

“With all the people we know who lied to Congress – former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, ex-CIA Director John Brennan, the folks who lied to the FISA court and years of scandals like Fast and Furious, IRS targeting conservatives and Hillary Clinton’s missing emails, it’s good to know the feds finally got their man,” he wrote.

The Fox News host went onto say that Stone was arrested for the same reason U.S. District Judge T.S. Ellis said that Mueller pinched POTUS Trump’s first national security adviser, Michael Flynn, and onetime 2016 campaign manager Paul Manafort: To squeeze him so that he will implicate the president in some sort of criminal activity.

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Mueller was first appointed by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to investigate allegations of criminal collusion between the 2016 Trump campaign and Russia. No evidence has been presented thus far indicating that happened, and the president has regularly denied it.

“Stone got the same treatment as Manafort and Trump’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen. All the other people who lied to Congress or to FISA judges got a pass. Roger Stone committed no violent crime. He’s not a drug dealer or a drug kingpin. He’s not a Mafioso or a gangster. He’s not El Chapo. He may have lied to Congress,” Hannity wrote.

“All the feds had to do was call his lawyer and say, ‘Be at police headquarters for processing at 9 a.m. or we’re putting a warrant out for your arrest,’ and he would have shown up,” he added.

Other analysts have noted that acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker and FBI Director Christopher Wray would have known about Stone’s arrest and likely were aware of the tactics that were to be used during his arrest. Both officials were nominated by POTUS Trump, who later criticized the raid’s tactics.

Whitaker said Tuesday that Mueller’s probe was close to wrapping up, adding that his decisions will be reviewed, though he wasn’t clear what that meant.

Hannity noted that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who lost to Trump in 2016, and her associates “ignored” congressional subpoenas for emails, wiped her email server hard drives of all data and physically destroyed cellphones and other personal devices to avoid having to turn them over to investigators.

“Do you think you could get away with that?” he wrote. “You might, if you could help the Deep State with its witch hunt for President Trump.”

Hannity closed his piece with a dire warning.

“If you don’t apply the laws equally, only going after one group of people because of their political views, and you protect people with other political views, you’ve lost our Constitution. We’ve lost our country,” he said.

“Without equal application of our laws and equal justice under the law, there’s one thing left to say to our great nation: Goodbye.”

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