By Jon Dougherty, editor-in-chief

One of the Democrats’ objectives since POTUS Donald Trump took office was to gin up enough dirt on him and his administration to drive him from office via impeachment.

They’ve tried every way possible to accomplish that objective: A witch hunt special counsel investigation; non-stop negative coverage in the Democrat-aligned “mainstream media” (MSM); and, most recently, outright lying about the president being an active Manchurian candidate operating on behalf of Moscow.

But a new survey finds that none of these tactics have swayed public opinion. In fact, these Democrats’ tactics appear to be backfiring on them.

The latest Washington Post-ABC News poll found that only 40 percent of respondents support Congress beginning impeachment proceedings against the president, which is down nine points since August, while 55 percent oppose it.

As for whether the public trusts Democrats to treat the president fairly, “a 46 percent plurality suspect [they] will ‘go too far’ in their inquiries of Trump, while just over one-third think they will handle it about right.”

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Meanwhile, Ed Morrissey delves deeper into the survey results:

The poll was taken before Roger Stone’s dramatic arrest and indictment, but after Mueller publicly contradicted a Buzzfeed report that claimed Trump told Michael Cohen to lie to Congress. That demonstration of fairness apparently didn’t make much of a dent in the public consciousness. Almost a third of Democrats (32%) express little to no confidence in Mueller’s investigation, which increases to 53% with independents and 70% with Republicans. 

Again, this likely reflects a long history of embarrassing failures by special counsels and independent prosecutors prior to Mueller. It might also reflect the fact that Mueller, while racking up indictments on process crimes and old-news corruption involving Paul Manafort, has yet to produce any indictment that speaks at all to the core Russia-collusion hypothesis of the 2016 election. After nearly two years, Americans want to, ahem, MoveOn and get back to business.

Democrats are in danger of overplaying their hands regarding their perpetual investigations of the president and hyping Mueller’s baseless, senseless, and non-productive probe.

So, by all means, they should continue both of these strategies. Republicans could use some congressional pick-ups next year.

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