On Friday POTUS Donald Trump announced a deal to end the longest government shutdown in U.S. history, saying he has agreed to a 21-day funding bill that will reopen agencies that have been shuttered for 35 days.

The president did not get any funding for new border walls and barriers but was adamant that if Congress does not send him legislation in the next three weeks that includes money for new physical barriers along the U.S.-Mexico border, he’ll not only allow the government to shut down again, he may declare a national emergency and secure funding for the wall that way.

As the shutdown dragged on it became clear that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) assumed ownership of it after refusing multiple compromises from Republicans and from the president in exchange for all funding, despite the fact that POTUS said early one he’d take responsibility.

Despite the fact that she had voted for border walls and fences in the past, Pelosi’s new go-to position in regards to President Trump’s funding request is that walls have become “immoral.”

“A wall is an immorality. It’s not who we are as a nation,” she said earlier this month as the shutdown continued.

Border walls are not meant to define us as a people; they’re meant to be one of many security measures aimed at protecting the American people.

That said, what about other nations that have built substantial border walls and barriers to protect their people from outside threats? Are they “immoral” too?

As USA Today notes in May 2018, there are 77 countries around the world that have erected border walls for one reason or another, most having to do with enhancing security. What’s more, border walls and/or fences have greatly expanded since the end of World War II, when there were seven.

Consider these examples:

— India is nearing completion of a 1,700-mile barbed wire fence along a border shared with Bangladesh, as a means of curbing illegal immigration and smuggling. India also has a 450-mile barrier with Pakistan, which is a bitter enemy. Immoral?

— Israel-West Bank: Following a wave of attacks by Palestinian terrorists, Israel began construction of a 400-mile wall in 2002. Immoral?

— Finland: The government has constructed a 450-mile barrier of barbed wire to prevent infiltration from neighboring Russia. 

— A mile-long wall at Calais, France, was paid for by Britain to prevent migrants and terrorists from accessing the Channel Tunnel connecting the U.K. to Europe (it’s a security issue).

— Sauda Arabia built a 550-mile long wall along its border with Iraq to prevent infiltration by ISIS fighters.

Barriers that are built to protect citizens are not immoral; they are responsible acts undertaken by governments who are serious about the safety and security of their citizens. 

Pelosi obviously isn’t. But the president has given her three weeks to rediscover “who we are as a nation”: Will she and other Democrats opt to protect our country or continue to allow Americans to be abused, brutalized and killed by people who have no legal right to be here?

A version of this story first appeared at NewsTarget.

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