By Jon Dougherty, editor-in-chief

In an early morning raid with guns drawn, federal agents raided the Fort Lauderdale home of Roger Stone, arresting the former Nixon administration official political dirty trickster and making him the most recent associate of POTUS Donald Trump and his 2016 campaign to be indicted by special counsel Robert Mueller.

According to published reports, agents showed up at Stone’s home around 6:00 a.m. Friday morning to arrest him on seven counts including lying to federal investigators, which is nothing but a process crime that would not have occurred had he never been questioned by Mueller’s politically motivated investigators.

According to The Associated Press, in addition to allegations of making false statements to investigators, Stone has been charged with witness tampering, obstruction, and making additional false statements to the House Intelligence Committee.

Notably, Stone has not been charged with a criminal conspiracy to collude with Russia to “steal” the 2016 election from Hillary Clinton — which, never forget, was Mueller’s original mandate. Also, he’s not been charged with conspiring with whistleblower website WikiLeaks, which published Democratic National Committee emails allegedly hacked by Russia, or the Moscow officers Mueller has accused of conducting the hack.

So what’s the real purpose for indicting Stone? What kind of justice is Mueller serving up on behalf of the country by arresting and charging a political operative with dubious process crimes — some of the same allegations the FBI refused to level against two top Clinton aides, Cheryl Mills and Huma Abedin, after they lied about having no prior knowledge of their boss’ private email server? 

The answer should be obvious by now. Michael Flynn, Paul Manafort, Michael Cohen, and now Roger Stone were all associates of the president, either personally or as part of his 2016 campaign; Mueller is acting on behalf of the Deep State to undermine and, hopefully, remove, a duly-elected president. 

This is the kind of stuff we used to see in a Hollywood political thriller, not in real life. That’s because there were checks and balances — a lot of them — in place to prevent this kind of overt politicization of our federal law enforcement and justice systems.

But it’s obvious those checks and balances are now gone. When a special prosecutor can be appointed on a lie, a hoax, a fabricated “narrative” that has never been proven because it was never real and then be given the power to destroy lives and take away the freedom of American citizens just because they dared to support a different presidential candidate, there is no more justice in America.

It’s dead.

Now, how do we get it back? Can we get it back?

We’d better, or our country will continue to devolve into a lawless land led by a federal leviathan, free to run roughshod over political rivals in the same way that citizens of a banana republic are abused by tin-horn tyrants.

This abuse of the people’s trust and of our institutions must end. It began under President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, but it’s now up to POTUS Trump to end it.

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