The U.S. Supreme Court has refused a Trump Justice Department request to immediately review lower court decisions blocking the president from reversing President Obama’s executive order creating the DACA program.

The decision hands a political victory to Democrats as it removes any incentive they might have had to negotiate with POTUS Donald Trump on a compromise deal to fund new border wall construction while seeking a permanent solution for hundreds of thousands of DACA recipients currently held in legal limbo.

CNS News reported:

The Obama-era program granted work permits and deferred deportation for hundreds of thousands of people who were brought to this country illegally as children.

The Supreme Court’s refusal to take up the case right now means DACA protections will continue for an undetermined length of time, pending the outcome of legal challenges, including possible Supreme Court review at a later date.

Last year the president moved to end the DACA program by executive order — the same way Obama created it — giving Congress six months at the time to find a legislative fix. When Congress failed to act, Left-wing immigration groups sued in federal court to stop the executive order.

Liberal courts in the 9th Circuit agreed with plantiffs and have issued injunctions against the White House, preventing any action on the president’s order.

Following those rulings, the Justice Department made the “rare” move of asking the Supreme Court to intervene and issued a decision regarding the lower court rulings, but the high court refused on Wednesday. Instead, the three pending cases opposing the president’s DACA recission have been relisted.

The Supreme Court blog notes that “a relist can mean several things, including that one or more Justices wants to take a closer look at the case; that one or more Justices is trying to pick up enough votes to grant review (four are needed); that the Justices are writing a summary reversal (that is, a decision that the lower court opinion was so wrong that the Court can decide the case on the merits without briefing or oral argument); or that one or more Justices are writing a dissent from the decision to deny review.”

In recent weeks, POTUS Trump acknowledged that as long as lower federal courts are blocking his action, DACA will remain in effect and Democrats will have no incentive to work with him on immigration reforms and funding his border wall.

“But until we win that case,” he said on Jan. 2, “[Democrats] don’t really want to talk about DACA.”

“We were close to having a DACA deal, and then we had a judge from the 9th Circuit — amazing ruling — and he said DACA was okay even though when President Obama signed it, he essentially said, ‘Well, probably can’t sign this. Probably not legal, but I’m gonna sign it anyway.’ And so everybody thought that it was going to be easily overturned by the judge, and the judge amazingly ruled in favor of that signing, even though President Obama didn’t think it was going to hold up as he signed it,” POTUS said Jan. 2.

Currently, the president has offered Democrats a three-year extension on DACA, as well as other proposals, in exchange for $5.7 billion in funding for new border walls and barriers.

Democratic leaders, however, have flatly refused to discuss any compromise proposals with him, however, which is perpetuating the longest government shutdown in history.

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