The FBI’s former top lawyer told a House committee during closed-door testimony that former secretary of state and 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton most definitely should have been indicted for mishandling classified information.

As reported by the Epoch Times, during testimony in October, Baker (above, center) told lawmakers that the bureau’s investigation into purposed “collusion” between the Trump campaign and Russia — Spygate — was “highly unusual” and replete with abnormalities.

“I had a jaundiced eye about everything, yes. I had skepticism about all this stuff. I was concerned about all of this. This whole situation was horrible, and it was novel and we were trying to figure out what to do, and it was highly unusual,” Baker told lawmakers, according to a transcript of his testimony obtained by the news site.

Baker’s response came after he was confronted with a series of procedural abnormalities, obvious bias, and omissions of evidence and key findings.

In October, The National Sentinel reported that Baker had offered lawmakers the FBI under then-Director James Comey engaged in “abnormal” handling of the investigation.

“Some of the things that were shared were explosive in nature,” Rep. Mark Meadows, R-N.C., chairman of the House Freedom Caucus, said in an interview with Fox News at the time. “This witness confirmed that things were done in an abnormal fashion. That’s extremely troubling.”

Baker, who had a close relationship with Comey, left the bureau last year. Earlier this month, we reported that he is now the subject of a criminal leak investigation.

According to transcripts from Oct. 3 and Oct. 18 seen by the Epoch Times, Baker told lawmakers that, even up to the end of the Clinton investigation, he believed she should have been charged for her “alarming, appalling” mishandling of classified information.

He argued with FBI investigators over the issue, including Comey, but said ultimately he was persuaded to exonerate her.

“My original belief … after having conducted the investigation and towards the end of it, then sitting down and reading a binder of her materials, I thought that it was alarming, appalling, whatever words I said, and argued with others about why they thought she shouldn’t be charged,” Baker said, according to the Epoch Times.

Reports noted in August 2017 that Comey had decided to exonerate Clinton months before she was interviewed by FBI agents in July 2016. Later, in a subsequent book he published about his life as a public servant, he defended his decision as something any normal prosecutor would do after a year’s worth of investigative efforts that allegedly turned up nothing.

“Any investigator or prosecutor who doesn’t have a sense, after nearly a year of investigation, where their case is likely headed, is incompetent,” he wrote.

As late as October 2018, the Epoch Times noted, Baker still disagreed, calling Clinton’s mishandling of classified materials “appalling.”

In addition to her mishandling of classified data, the FBI concluded last year that the unsecured personal email server she used to conduct official business was very likely hacked by a number of foreign intelligence agencies.

As reported by Fox News, the FBI ascertained that during the investigation agents were certain “foreign actors” got access to some of Clinton’s emails, including one classified as “secret,” according to an internal bureau memo and two House committees.

The email marked “secret” was written by noted anti-Trump agent Peter Strzok, the bureau’s former No. 2 counterintelligence official who has since been fired.

“Documents provided to the Committees show foreign actors obtained access to some of Mrs. Clinton’s emails — including at least one email classified ‘Secret,’” said the memo.  — Jon Dougherty

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