As Democrats perpetuate the partial government shutdown over their refusal to negotiate a compromise solution with the White House over immigration reforms and border wall funding, Border Patrol agents working without pay are being assisted by locals from California to Texas with free meals, zero-interest loans, and even yoga classes.

And while there have been cases where Border agents have called in sick, the Washington Examiner reports, for the most part the majority have remained on the job.

“Although I don’t have official agency numbers, it is my understanding that call-outs or sick leave is at or near the same levels as in similar times in years past,” National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd wrote in an email to the news site on Monday.

“We certainly aren’t experiencing the same level of call-outs as TSA. As far as I’m aware, and again that is without official numbers, we have the same workforce reporting for duty under the shutdown as we regularly do under normal circumstances,” he added.

Some local law enforcement officials who work along the U.S.-Mexico border say that they continue to see Border Patrol agents showing up for work.

Meanwhile, Democrats are coming under increasing scrutiny for their refusal to negotiate with Republicans and the White House following POTUS Donald Trump’s compromise offer last weekend that included an extension of temporary protections against deportation for DACA recipients as well as border wall funding and an increase in border agents, surveillance technology, and immigration judges.

“Instead of the art of the political deal, what’s going on from the Democrats is, ‘How do we say no and get both bites at the apple?'” said conservative talk host and commentator David Webb. “This is a stupid game, and the American people are paying the price.”

After speaking to POTUS Trump last week, Webb said he’s certain the president is not going to give in on border security, in part because “Democrats won’t negotiate on the things they agree with.”

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