As Democratic leaders in the House and Senate continue to block POTUS Donald Trump’s modest $5.7 billion request to fund additional border walls and barriers along the porous U.S.-Mexico border, one former border federal special prosecutor said in an interview Monday that walls “absolutely do work” and should be the go-to immigration reform strategy moving forward.

“Walls absolutely do work. They work for multiple different reasons, but not for the reasons people often think,” author and attorney Matt C. Pinsker, a national security expert, criminal defense attorney, U.S. Army Reserve officer, and homeland security professor at Virginia Commonwealth University, told

“Interestingly, there is not a single mile of wall where I served, though nearly every Border Patrol agent wanted one in certain areas,” Pinsker noted further.

“However, right on the border itself is a community college that was having a major problem with illegal aliens and drug traffickers coming over the river and then cutting through their campus. They almost completely stopped it by erecting an eight foot high fence around the campus,” he added.

Pinsker said that currently Border Patrol and other Homeland Security officials catch about 30 percent of all people entering the U.S. illegally each year. If a wall or other barrier would only result in a “modest improvement to just 40 percent,” that would an additional 1 million more people would be stopped over a decade.

“Here is what people misunderstand about walls. They are not 100 percent perfect barriers where if you simply put them up no one can get through them,” he continued.

“Instead, they work because, one, they add just a couple extra minutes to an illegal alien’s entry into the country. Although this does not sound like much, this means that Border Patrol has a couple more minutes to arrive in time to stop the person,” he said. “The problem we often have is that Border Patrol responds to motion detectors, but because of the vast distances they cannot get there in time, so the aliens are gone by the time they get there.”

The second reason, he said, “if, rather than scale a wall, aliens go around it, this decreases the total amount of border which must be patrolled, thus allowing Border Patrol to more effectively deploy its limited man-power in what are essentially ‘choke points’ between walls.”

Also, walls disrupt drug smuggling cartels. Walls force “them to spend time and resources on entering the country rather than abusing people. A wall drives up the operating costs of the cartels, decreasing their power,” Pinsker said.

Regarding POTUS Trump’s insistence that what is happening along the U.S.-Mexico border is a humanitarian crisis — despite denials from top Democrats — what struck Pinsker the most “was that 99.9 percent of all persons illegally entering the country are being trafficked in by the cartels.”

“Many people mistakenly believe that illegal immigration is when people decide to come to the United States and sneak across on their own,” he said. “Ironically, the cartels have done what the United States has not, which is secure the border. If they find an alien on their territory trying to cross without having paid their ‘fees,’ they’ll murder them.”

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