Democrats, especially those vying for their party’s 2020 presidential nomination, have resolutely come out in opposition to POTUS Donald Trump’s extremely generous compromise offer on border security and immigration reform, proving once more they couldn’t care less about the safety and security of our country.

Even before the president finished laying out his proposal on Saturday, which included money for his sought-after wall along with border security technology (something Dems claimed all last week they supported) and three-year extentions for DACA recipients and others facing deporation, top Democrats including Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) were rejecting it.

Why? Because before any negotiations can begin on border security, Democrats insist, POTUS must cave and give in on his demands — which, of course, is an obvious political tactic aimed ultimately at giving the president (and the American people) nothing in terms of real border security.

This attitude was embodied by Sen. Kirstin Gillibrand (D-NY), who was in Iowa already this weekend for early campaign appearances.

In an appearance on CBS’ “Face the Nation,” Gillibrand hypocritically declared of the president’s compromise offer, “I don’t take him on his word on anything.”

“If he really cares about this, he would open up the government,” insisted Gillibrand, referencing the 800,000 government workers affected by the partial government shutdown. “It just shows a callousness that is unacceptable.” She called the offer “cynical.”

Really? So, Gillibrand wouldn’t trust the language contained in legislation — in print, for all to see?

Callous? The president? He’s the one who’s been attempting to get Democrats to the negotiating table for weeks now, while many of them either dismissed him outright or took to attending lobbyist-funded junkets in tropical climes like Puerto Rico.

There is plenty of blame to go around when it comes to Congress’ historic refusal to tackle our abysmal immigration situation, but the president can’t be blamed for any of it because lawmaking begins in Legislative Branch — unless, of course you’re Barack Obama and you know that you can create DACA out of thin air and get away with it because congressional allies and cowards will let you.

Vice President Mike Pence, who described the offer the president articulated on Saturday as a “good faith, common sense compromise,” appeared earlier in the hour on “Face the Nation.”

During “that meeting in the Situation Room, a week ago Wednesday,” he said, “the president looked at Speaker Pelosi and said, ‘OK, if I gave you everything you wanted, if I signed legislation funding most of the government, and had a 30-day extension on Homeland Security … would you give me funding to secure the border and a wall?’ And she said ‘no.’”

The way Democrats are behaving here should surprise no one. They were never going to agree to anything POTUS Trump offered. Why? Because this is the state of the Democratic Party today: Open borders, sanctuary cities, rights and benefits for illegal immigrants — all at the expense of border security and, when necessary, American lives.

And some of them want to carry this attitude into the White House in 2020, despite huge swaths of the country that are vehemently opposed to these policies, as evidenced by the mandate POTUS Trump was given to deal with these issues (which included construction of a border wall/barrier).

How can you reasonably expect to lead a country so hopelessly divided over a singular issue, especially one like immigration which, to the Left and Right, has become as politically explosive as slavery was in the 19th century?

There is not going to be any compromise on either side, so the next logical question becomes: How will it be possible, moving forward, to govern an entire nation that is so bitterly and hopelessly divided over a singular issue that one side sees as a law enforcment and cultural preservation issue while the other sees it as the civil rights movement of our time?

Answer: You can’t, regardless who becomes president.

Democrats have chosen illegal immigration as their hill to die on, politically speaking — but they may choose that in a literal sense, too, before all is said and done or, at a minimum, use it as an excuse to take to the streets against POTUS and his backers, especially if he wins again in 2020.

Conservatives feel just as strongly about this. We want border security and immigration law enforcement. We’re tired of the blatant lawbreaking, the disregard for American life, and the Democrat-imposed “sanctuaries” for people who have no legal right to be here.

Before it gets to a point where we’re actually killing each other over this issue, as we did over slavery, there is a better compromise: Give Democrats their own country to govern, and let conservatives have theirs.

North-South, East-West, whatever the divide, it should happen, and soon. Or we could let regions of the country, groups of states, form their own governments. Whatever it takes.

We can’t ‘solve’ this immigration issue. The Democrats refuse to let that happen. And they will continue to use the issue to divide the country until we reach the breaking point.

If we don’t make this bold choice and soon, there will be a civil war over it, plain and simple. And if America falls, the world will blow up. Better to go our own separate ways than to destroy ourselves. — Jon Dougherty

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