A U.S. Army veteran has posted a picture to his Facebook page featuring himself and his three children posing with guns as a direct taunt to a new Gillette razor company ad criticizing what it describes as “toxic masculinity.”

The photo was posted by Graham Allan, an Army vet who also hosts “Rant Nation” on Blaze TV, with captions.

“Practicing our ‘toxic masculinity,’” he wrote, adding an American flag symbol. “Hey Gillette does this offend you?!”

The pic shows Allen standing with a firearm slung over his shoulder in a field.  In front of him are his three kids: His young daughter with her older brothers on either side of her.

One of Allen’s sons is holding a handgun while the other is posing with a rifle.

“I’ll raise my kids the way I believe they should be … thanks for your advice,” Allen wrote under the photo.

Practicing our “toxic masculinity”?? Hey Gillette does this offend you?! ?? I’ll raise my kids the way I believe they should be….thanks for your advice?-Graham??

Posted by Graham Allen on Thursday, January 17, 2019

While several Facebook users criticized Allen for his pic, many others praised it and lashed out at Gillette’s stereotyping of male masculinity as a trait that thrives on sexism and bullying.

The two-minute short film from Gillette, which is owned by Procter & Gamble, shows boys bullying each other and men sexually harassing women.

The ad also references the #MeToo movement, noting that it is now the reason why men are being held accountable for their actions.

The Left has widely praised the ad, but critics say it is just the latest ‘progressive’ attempt to demonize male behavior as inherently toxic and bad. Others shake their heads at the tone-deafness of a men’s razor company targeting men for outsized criticism.

Others have criticized the company’s hypocrisy for targeting men for bad behavior while sponsoring events featuring attractive women wearing skin-tight clothing with the “Gillette” logo emblazoned on their backsides.

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