The Left-wing establishment media has been doing everything in its power to saddle POTUS Donald Trump with blame for the current partial government shutdown — despite the fact that the Democratic House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi of California, refuses to even sit down with the president and negotiate over his paltry $5.6 billion border wall request.

As the shutdown has dragged on, however, POTUS Trump has shown no signs of backing down. In fact, he’s dug in his heels. As such, the media is now upping the ante, so to speak: They’re using “the children” as bait to get the president to crack.

Right on cue, Politico reported Friday that soon, if the shutdown continues (because of Trump), poor school children will go without lunches and could even starve to death (because of Trump):

Servings of fresh fruits and vegetables are disappearing from school lunch trays in rural Vance County, N.C.

The Prairie Hills school district in Kansas is worried about not being able to feed kids at all.

On top of that, there are thousands of new kids nationwide eligible for free or low-cost school meals because their parents have been furloughed by the federal government.

With the U.S. Department of Agriculture shuttered in the dispute over funding for President Donald Trump’s border wall, school districts across the country could be faced with scraping together emergency funds to feed low-income public schoolchildren if the shutdown continues another two months.

If anything, this story is yet another example of why local school districts should work to free themselves from big, fat, centralized federal government — not become more reliant upon it. But you read that in Politico or any other Left-wing establishment media.

Sound extreme? Think about this for a minute.

If Democratic Socialists like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez get their way, the federal government will a) run all healthcare; b) run all college funding; c) provide basic incomes; d) pay for everything else in your life (but not really because there’s not enough money for all of this).

What happens if there is a funding impasse over political differences leading to a government shutdown in that United States?

Riots, probably, and that would actually be the least of our worries.

Democrats reading that school kids might go hungry aren’t going to give a damn, at least not enough to sit down with the president and negotiate a solution that allows both sides to walk away with something they want.

Instead, they’re going to rely on their pals in the media to continue hammering POTUS Trump and Republicans with these sob stories, as if they still control the House, were spending bills must originate.

But as Rush Limbaugh observed on Thursday, if POTUS hangs tough and sticks to his demand for border security, that will eventually resonate with the American people and he’ll get his funding, even if Pelosi and her Democrats get something too. — Jon Dougherty

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