Every other country on earth has borders. Every state has a border. Cities and towns have limits (borders). But nearly two-thirds of Democrats think the United States should not have a border or, at least, one that is so strictly enforced.

A newly-released Rasmussen survey found that 65 percent of respondents who identified as Democrats believe “anyone who wants to come here” who has no criminal record and isn’t a terrorist — or, at least, says they’re not a terrorist — should be able to.

In the national survey of 1,000 likely voters, conducted January 10-13, 2019, approving Democrats said it is in America’s best interest “to open our borders to anyone who wants to come here as long as they are not a terrorist or a criminal.”

Only about a quarter (26 percent) of Democrats said the U.S. should “tightly control who come into the country.”

Meanwhile, 80 percent of Republican voters said the U.S. should tightly control who enters the country, as did 56 percent of all likely voters surveyed. Roughly one-third (34 percent) of all voters said the U.S. should welcome “anyone” in who isn’t a terrorist or criminal.

The survey comes in conjuction with what appears to be the opening salvos of a full-on push by progressives to tear down America’s borders.

Writing in The New York Times on Thursday, Farhad Manjoo argued that a “brave Democrat” should push for dismantling U.S. borders because they create so many ‘problems.’

He writes:

There’s a witheringly obvious moral, economic, strategic and cultural case for open borders, and we have a political opportunity to push it. As Democrats jockey for the presidency, there’s room for a brave politician to oppose President Trump’s racist immigration rhetoric not just by fighting his wall and calling for the abolishment of I.C.E. but also by making a proactive and affirmative case for the vast expansion of immigration.

Leftists are now openly advocating for the final destruction of our culture, our traditions, and our nation, because mass, unlimited immigration would lead to all three of those things.

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