Talk radio legend Rush Limbaugh said during his Thursday program he believes POTUS Donald Trump can “win” the government shutdown battle with Democrats, meaning he can win a huge battle for all Americans, “if he just hangs in there.”

“I’m just gonna tell you point-blank: Donald Trump can win this if he hangs on,” said Limbaugh, according to a show transcript. “It’s gonna be a few more weeks. It’s gonna be risky. But I actually, folks, really believe that if he hangs on and continues down this road, at some point there’s gonna be a shift in public opinion and the vast majority of the American people are gonna end up with him on this — if he hangs in there.”

“He’s got a good start,” Limbaugh added. “There’s all kinds of really good, long overdue things happening that we’ve wanted to happen. Like 95 percent of the EPA furloughed? A lot of nonessential government workers on furlough?

“This is exactly what we’ve wanted: The deemphasis of government, the shrinking of government, the illustration of the (pfft!) redundancy in the number of people and policies and so forth,” the EIB host continued.

“The idea that people can function, that their lives can go on even in the midst of a partial government shutdown. If he can just hang on a few more weeks.”

After he played a clip of various media sounding the alarm over the shutdown, now the longest in U.S. history, Limbaugh reminded listeners that POTUS Trump won his election precisely because he vowed to upset the status quo and “drain the swamp.”

“Trump was elected to interrupt,” he said. “We have major disruption of all kinds of things that have not been good for the people of this country. It’s a really great start.”

He continued: “It’s gonna be hard because this is the kind of stuff that’s gonna be in the media over and over and over and over again: People dying, people having to choose between insulin and their mortgage, people running out of food, people running out of gas.

“The horror stories are gonna intensify, they’re never gonna end, and largely most of them are gonna be exaggerated or made up,” Limbaugh said.

He also believes that cracks are already forming in Democratic ranks in the House, where eight members refused to back a measure calling for emegency funds to pay federal workers with a specific prohibition on border wall funding this week.

As for his premise that American opinion is swinging in the president’s favor, he pointed to a Washington Examiner story showing support for his proposed wall at its highest point yet.

“Support for President Trump’s wall along the U.S.-Mexico border is at an all-time high weeks into a partial government shutdown. According to the results of an ABC News and Washington Post poll released Sunday morning, 42 percent of Americans support a wall,” he read.

That’s up from 34 percent.

“The previous high in this poll of Americans supporting the wall was 37 percent in 2017. Now it’s at 42 percent,” he said. “And any of these people in politics will tell you that more than the final result of any poll will be the trend.”

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