House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) sent a letter to POTUS Donald Trump on Wednesday asking him to “reschedule” his State of the Union Address while a portion of the government remains shuttered due to her refusal to agree to border wall funding.

The Associated Press reported:

In a letter to Trump, Pelosi cited security concerns, noting that both the Secret Service and the Homeland Security Department are entangled in the partial government shutdown, now in its fourth week. She added that unless the government reopens this week, they should find another date — it’s now Jan. 29 — or Trump should deliver the address in writing.

Pelosi believes she’s being clever in raising issues like “security” — which she obviously finds important for members of Congress, but not for Americans living along the U.S.-Mexico border or in sanctuary cities.

But most thinking adults will see through this for the political stunt that it is. Still, it’s a gift to the president that he should gladly accept and then savor.

The Constitution requires that presidents provide an annual ‘state of the union,’ which — once upon a time — was just that, an assessment of how the country’s doing. Historically, the SOTU was delivered to Congress in writing without much fanfare; only in the age of modern television did SOFU addresses become politicized events where preidents didn’t report on the “state” of the country as much as they laid out their agenda for the coming year.

Pelosi isn’t worried about “security” for lawkmakers; Congress remains in session daily and lawmakers are as well-protected now as they would be if POTUS came later this month.

She’s worried about the president stealing the limelight during a high-profile, much-watched event where he is certain to lay the blame for the ongoing shutdown at her feet.

Not that POTUS Trump reads our humble news site, but we have some suggestions for him that we believe would serve him well:

— Take Pelosi up on her offer; send over the State of the Union in writing, to fulfill your constitutional requirement;

— Rent a venue that can hold an amount of people (tens of thousands, preferably) that the Secret Service believes it can safely vet and protect, because you hold rallies like no other president can or has;

— Give your State of the Union Address (which is sure to be televised) before Americans who want to hear it, thus avoiding the lunatic clown show circus that Democrats will turn it into if you try to give it at the U.S. Capitol Building;

— Have a high-profile conservative supporter like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, or Mark Levin introduce you;

— Go ahead and (properly) lay the blame for the current shutdown at the feet of Pelosi and other Democrats who once voted for border walls but now refuse to do so because they’re suddenly “immoral.”

Pelosi thinks she’s backing this president into a corner with her bogus ‘concern’ letter. She just gave him an incredible opportunity to make her, and her party, look impotent and insignificant…again.  — Jon Dougherty

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