A report in British media is claiming that the Royal Air Force, which saved the country from Nazi invasion in 1940, is not ready for full-on combat should another war break out in Europe.

The Daily Mirror reports that one-third of British RAF planes were either in storage or in maintenance as the air service celebrated its 100th year in existence.

Quoting the Defense Ministry, the news site said that aircraft have been mothballed and taken out of front-line service for periods of time because they need repairs and upgrades.

Figures uncovered by freedom of information requests found that 142 of the RAF’s 434 planes are unavailable for combat duty.

That includes Typhoon fighters, which can attain speeds of up to 1,500 mph and “are the last line of the UK’s air defense against Russian forces” that have also flown “daring bombing missions attacking Islamic State targets in Iraq and Syria.”

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