Conservative activist Laura Loomer has struck again, this time at the California mansion of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

In a staged event livestreamed on Periscope Monday, Loomer brought three self-described illegal alients to Pelosi’s lawn to set up a “sanctuary” as a protest against Democrats’ refusal to fund POTUS Donald Trump’s paltry $5.7 billion border wall funding request, which has led to the longest government shutdown in history.

Pelosi has come under scrutiny from conservatives and some in her own party for calling the wall “immoral” — especially while living in an extravagant home surrounding by a wall.

Loomer and her “amigos” who were reportedly from Mexico and Guatemala are seen in the video jumping over the wall at Pelosi’s home in Napa Valley, where they proceed to set up a white tent on the lawn emblazoned with the word “immoral.”

“Nancy is a very rich Democrat, and she believes that everyone is welcome here, and sanctuary is a human right,” Loomer says in the video.

Will Sommer, a reporter for The Daily Beast was at the scene and tweeted that police eventually showed up and demanded that Loomer and the others provide identification, but the refused.

She responded, “[Gov.] Gavin Newsom said we don’t need IDs.”

Police eventually kicked Loomer and her group off the property with a warning for tresspassing and for attempting to open the door to Pelosi’s house to see if it was locked, according to Sommer.

“I’m being deported!” Loomer shouted in the video.

Loomer made headlines in November after she was banned from Twitter for criticizing Israel-hating Muslim Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., and then handcuffing herself to the Twitter headquarters in New York City in a demand to be reinstated.

“Loomer has claimed the guys in yellow jackets she brought with her are undocumented immigrants,” Sommer tweeted later. “It’s not clear whether that’s true, but they are getting a lot of attention from the police, appear unable to give ID. One cop says Loomer has really put the guys in a tough spot.”

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