Freshman Rep. Dan Crenshaw is quickly becoming a hero to conservative Republicans both for his level-headedness and his ability to take down Left-wing hacks in the opposition party while keeping political debate focused on real issues.

On Monday Sen. Dianne Feinstein tweeted out a statement in opposition of POTUS Donald Trump’s proposed border wall in a lame attempt to make it appear as though it’s a ‘manufactured crisis’ and unnecessary, both of which are liberal talking points.

“Fact check: Nearly half of all undocumented immigrants come to the United States legally but then overstay their visas. A border wall would do nothing to curb visa overstays,” she wrote.

That may be true, but what does it have to do with border security — something Feinstein and other Democrats used to support until Trump became president? Apple, meet orange.

Navy SEAL hero Crenshaw, Texas Republican, couldn’t let that go.

“Why are you arguing with a point that no one is making? This border security plan is about the nearly 400,000 illegal aliens apprehended crossing the border last year. Fact check.”

Visa overstays are a problem, yes, but the more pressing problem, and what makes it a national emergency, is the drama unfolding along the U.S.-Mexico border daily.

It’s time for the president to make the declaration, get his funding, and get started on the wall.

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