The new Democratic House majority and a smattering of ‘moderate’ Republicans are pushing new legislation to require background checks before every gun transaction, including those made privately between individuals, as a way of ‘reducing crime.’

But a little-noticed Justice Department report released last week rebuts Democratic talking points about needing universal background checks as a means of enhancing public safety.

The report found that the vast majority of crime guns are not obtained from gun stores — which do conduct background checks on all purchases — or legally purchased from neighbors, but rather those acquired off the street and from the criminal underground.

The Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) reported that some 287,400 prisoners had a gun in 2016 when they committed the crimes for which they were put in jail.

Of these, “more than half (56%) had either stolen it (6%), found it at the scene of the crime (7%), or obtained it off the street or from the underground market (43%). Most of the remainder (25%) had obtained it from a family member or friend, or as a gift,” the report said.

By comparison, a paltry 7 percent of guns used in crimes were purchased by the criminal “under their own name from a licensed firearm dealer,” meaning the vast majority of criminals who possess guns don’t buy legally buy them.

Even more, just 1.3 percent of crimes committed with guns were bought at a retail gun store, the BJS found. Of those who did legally buy a gun they later used to commit a crime, they passed a background check.

And for those Democrats who still want to ban so-called “assault rifles” because they are the biggest menace to society, CNS News reported further:

The BJS report also revealed that handguns were, by far, the most commonly carried type of firearm among criminals. Of all prisoners, 20.8 percent possessed a firearm during their offense. Most of these firearms were handguns. In fact, 18.4 percent of all prisoners interviewed possessed a handgun during their offense, while only 1.5 percent possessed a rifle and only 1.6 percent possessed a shotgun.

Gun crime facts — and the plain language of the Second Amendment — don’t matter to Democrats, however. When they aren’t claiming that the founding fathers really didn’t mean for the Second Amendment to mean “shall not be infringed,” they are making wild claims that further regulating gun purchases is somehow going to be the anti-crime magic bullet (pardon the pun).

Then again, it’s also just as likely Democrats don’t believe their own BS about guns and that this new push for universal background checks even for private sales is just a ruse to next push universal gun registration.

Because, as we noted Monday, without full gun registration, how is the government going to track firearms when they exchange hands (say, between neighbors who decide not to go through the invasive hassle of a background check)?

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