Nearly 60 years after the failed Bay of Pigs invasion during the JFK administration, an overt act aimed at toppling the Left-wing regime of Fidel Castro in Cuba that ushered in decades of fractious relations with the Caribbean nation, a namesake of the brutal dictator is now running for president of the United States.

No, Julian Castro — a former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development under Obama — isn’t related to that Castro family in Cuba. But his politics are pretty much the same and, if elected with enough of a Leftist Democrat majority in Congress, would transform America into a giant version of the failed island nation.

As reported by the Washington Free Beacon, Castro formally announced his bid for the 2020 Democratic Party nomination because — and stop us if you’ve heard this before — it’s “time for new leadership” in Washington.

“I’m running for president because it’s time for new leadership,” Castro said. “It’s time for new energy and it’s time for a new commitment to make sure that the opportunities I’ve had are available for every American.”

“In the years to come, we must go forward as one nation, working toward one destiny. And that destiny is to be the smartest, the healthiest, the fairest, and the most prosperous nation on earth,” he continued. “Demanding anything less is a failure of vision. Achieving anything less is a failure of leadership.”

The former mayor of San Antonio noted further:

My family’s story wouldn’t be possible without a country that challenged itself to live up to the promise of America. That was the point of the American Dream: It wasn’t supposed to be just a dream. America was the place where dreams could become reality. But right now, the reality isn’t working.

Well, who can argue with ‘fairness’ and ‘prosperity?’ The trouble is, when Left-wing Democrats talk about “fairness,” that always has a Robin Hood connotation: Being “fair” is stealing the wealth of successful Americans and redistributing it to growing factions of dependants who are then beholden to the party for their very survival.

Think I’m kidding?

Castro: “Here in San Antonio, I made [pre-kindergarten] happen. As president, we’ll make … universal pre-kindergarten for all children whose parents want it, so that all of our nation’s students can get a strong start. And we won’t stop there.”

It’s not about getting a “strong start.” It’s about making Americans wards of the state as soon as possible.

As for his pledge of fairness and prosperity, in the Leftist sense, these concepts cannot coexist. It’s not ‘fair’ for government to confiscate the wealth of one individual and give it to others. That doesn’t create ‘prosperity,’ it creates dependency, which is what the modern Democrat Party is about.

As for his claim that America isn’t doing very well right now, the economic indicators contradict those claims. While the markets were been volatile in December, the Dow and other indices are way up under POTUS Trump’s economic leadership, boosted by the GOP tax cut for individuals and corporations (and by the way, Mr. Castro, corporations hire people, which makes everyone more ‘prosperous’).

Employment for blacks and Hispanics is at record levels. Workforce participation is at its highest in years. America has added more factory jobs the fastest pace in decades after shedding them by the tens of thousands under Leftist Obama’s policies.

Mr. Castro speaks of the American dream. Good for him. And he’s right, he’s a product of it — if you consider being a successful, well-paid government official part of the American dream.

But his policies would rob generations of Americans of pursuing and achieving their own dreams — through high taxation and the implementation of ‘regressive’ economic policies that have failed everywhere they’ve been tried.

Mr. Castro is joining what is expected to be a large field of Democratic candidates. That’s going to be a good thing for America because voters will get to see Democratic candidates expose themselves as the covert Marxists they are by trying to ‘out-socialist’ the others during debates.

And that will bode well for POTUS Trump, who will be able to run on a proven record of economic, trade, and domestic policy successes built on empowering individuals and companies rather than government that has ultimately created less dependency.  — Jon Dougherty

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