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There’s a thought among many healthcare providers who see some of the worst cases of child abuse that just because someone is physically capable of bearing children doesn’t mean they should.

Essentially, that means not everyone who can have children ought to because they simply do not have the mental and parental skills to properly raise kids.

Here is a case in point.

Ten-year-old Nemis Quinn Mélançon-Golden,  aka “Queen Lactacia,” appears in a just-published Huck Magazine feature that is glorifying the child’s “drag queen” lifestyle.

As sick as that is, it gets worse. As part of the feature, there was an unpublished photo featuring Nemis along with the nude winner of “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” Violet Chachki – who happens to be wearing nothing except high heels and a minuscule patch of black fabric across the genital area.

In the pic, which was published to Twitter, Nemis is seen touching Violet with a “wow” expression on his face.

As bad as all of this is, what’s worse is that the parents of this child not only don’t see anything wrong with what they’re allowing him to do, they have a problem with sane adults who do see this as the sick exploitation of a child that, in any other circumstance, would be prosecutable sexual child abuse.

Jessica Melancon, Nemis’ mother, defends all of it:

“Drag is an adult arena and that’s where people question our judgment,” concedes Jessica. “So we have to censor things. He knows there are adult aspects of drag that he’s not allowed to apply to his show.”

“We would never try to overtly sexualize our child. But if he wears something that makes him feel beautiful, what right do I have to stop him wearing that dress because it might cause people to think things they shouldn’t be thinking? It’s a circular problem.”

What right does she have to stop him? Seriously? What if the kid wanted to rob banks…in drag?

What’s more, take a look at the photo above. How is that not sexualizing this child?

This isn’t the first time Melancon and her husband have been derelict in this child’s upbringing. In 2017, Nemis was on stage with drag queen Bianca Del Rio in a profanity-laced video clip that went viral.

No big deal, right? It’s simply “how Nemis chooses to express himself,” Melancon told the magazine. “He’s just a kid playing.”

If this isn’t outright child pornography, it is certainly soft porn.

What’s amazing to us is that this kid’s parents haven’t been charged with sexual exploitation of a minor child, but is that because law enforcement has become so PC that certain types of sexual exploitation of children are okay but other forms aren’t? Take the ‘drag queen’ angle out of the equation and consider: What if Nemis was a perfectly normal child posing as he did above with a naked male (or female) winner of a ‘standard’ beauty contest — wouldn’t that constitute a crime?

You bet it would. What Melancon is doing to her child isn’t facilitating ‘free expression,’ it’s a crime and it ought to be treated as one. The fact that it isn’t is a crime in and of itself.

Western culture is being bludgeoned to death far-Left lunatics, and at this point, there doesn’t seem to be any turning back. — Jon Dougherty

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