Acting Chief Patrol Agent Raul Ortiz praised POTUS Donald Trump Thursday and claimed that it’s imperative to get walls or other substantial physical barriers built along the U.S.-Mexico border to stem illegal immigration and drug smuggling.

In an interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity, Ortiz added that it is so important to “finish the job” already begun in his sector, which comprises much of the Rio Grande Valley in Texas.

Hannity, citing the example of another sector of the border that went from 5 to 64 miles of fencing, decreasing illegal immigration by 90 percent, asked if that would happen in his sector as well.

“Most definitely,” said Ortiz.

“We have about 55 miles of fencing already in this sector, and it’s on our east side. It accounts for about 6 percent of my traffic,” he continued.

“On my west side where I have very little fencing and very little technology, it accounts for 94 percent of my traffic. And so we need to finish the job. I have got 35 Gates that are wide open. We have started construction on those gates.”

Ortiz also had praise for the president after POTUS traveled to McAllen, Texas, on Thursday, to talk with Border Patrol officials and others, saying he’s the “first president to come down here since I have been down here in five years.”

“During 2014 we had the humanitarian crisis with unaccompanied children,” Ortiz noted, “I didn’t have anybody from the White House come down here and show the support for the men and women of the border patrol, CBP and DHS. Having the president come down here means an awful lot.”

But is what’s going on along the border a “manufactured crisis,” as Democrats claim, Hannity asked.

“So, in 2014 we apprehended 256,000 people,” noted Ortiz. “We are on pace to apprehend over 200,000 people. Just yesterday I apprehended 133 people from different countries other than Central America and Mexico … From Pakistan, India, Romania, China, on and on and on.”

“Just in this sector alone,” Ortiz noted, emphasizing that he was talking about a single day, “450 people were apprehended total. We continue to see increases. We are averaging about 620 a day in this sector.”

After discussing the drug smuggling problem, Ortiz said the Mexican cartels are making a fortune every week on human smuggling.

“But I think what middle America and most people don’t realize is our cartels are making tons of money off of everybody who crosses this river,” he said. “$1.7 million a week are made into the cartel’s pockets from the unaccompanied children and family units that are crossing.” — Jon Dougherty

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