A new Gallup survey has found that a record number of Americans say they are ready to leave the country for places they think are better, like Canada.

The survey, published late last week, found that fully 16 percent of Americans polled want to leave the U.S. for good, which is similar to the number of Americans who said they wanted to bolt in 2017.

But what makes the current polling so much more significant is that how much they contrast sharply with the number of Americans who said they wanted to leave the country under Presidents George W. Bush (11 percent) and Barack Obama (10 percent).

Though Gallup did not ask the political affiliations of those who were surveyed, the polling firm did note that the desire to leave was strongest among women and younger Americans.

“During the first two years of the Trump administration, a record-high one in five U.S. women (20%) said they would like to move to another country permanently if they could,” reports Gallup. “This is twice the average for women during the Obama (10%) or Bush years (11%) and almost twice the level among men (13%) under Trump. Before the Trump years, there was no difference between men’s and women’s desires to move.

“The 30% of Americans younger than 30 who would like to move also represents a new high — and it is also the group in which the gender gap is the largest,” Gallup continued. “Forty percent of women younger than 30 said they would like to move, compared with 20% of men in this age group. These gender gaps narrow with age and eventually disappear after age 50.”

Notes The Daily Wire in assessing the survey results:

Obviously, none of this has to do with any of President Trump’s policies, because contrary to the fantastical ruminations of feminists, women do not live in “The Handmaid’s Tail” under this current administration. So if women are so triggered by President Trump that they want to leave, it seemingly has everything to do with his character and rhetoric.

“After years of remaining flat, the number of Americans — particularly young women — who desire to leave the U.S. permanently is on the rise,” Gallup said. “This increase is concerning, but none of this suggests that the U.S. is going to suddenly see a mass migration in which it could lose as many as 40 percent of its young women.

“However, the ‘Trump effect’ on Americans’ desire to migrate is a new manifestation of the increasing political polarization in the U.S. Before Trump took office, Americans’ approval or disapproval of the president was not a push factor in their desire to migrate,” Gallup added, noting most who want to leave want to emigrate to our northern neighbor.

That migration has already begun, actually. In August, Canada’s Global News reported that the country had seen “a modest uptick” in the number of Americans migranting there:

Over 2017 and the first quarter of 2018, 1,055 more Americans were granted permanent residency than the average number during the Obama administration. Student visas granted to U.S. citizens increased by 1.012 in 2017, compared to the average number over the eight years before that.

The news site added that could be due to changes in Canadian immigration requirements, such as English proficiency “being worth more points than it used to be.”

That said, the reason why the number of Americans who want to leave is so high can’t be due to anything other than disdain for the president. Economically speaking, America is growing in leaps and bounds, mostly due to POTUS Trump’s growth policies and the Republican tax cut, according to several economists.

Also, the U.S. military is being rebuilt under this president and American leadership is being reasserted around the world after it receded during the Obama administration.

New trade deals with our neighbors, our allies, and China, coupled with additional economic incentives and manufacturing growth, have led to historic gains in the stock market.

All things considered, the United States, in many respects, is doing better in 2019 than it has in decades, meaning the decision to want to leave the country is very obviously a political one.

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