The White House announced on Monday that POTUS Donald Trump would be making a trip to the U.S.-Mexico border on Thursday, as well as addressing the nation regarding his immigration policies Tuesday night.

But the four major broadcast networks — ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox — are not certain whether they will cover the president’s all-important speech live.

As NBC News reported, as of Monday afternoon network bosses had not yet made the decision as to whether they will feature the president’s speech, which tens of millions of Americans will no doubt be interested in given that the partial government shutdown that has been ongoing for more than two weeks involves agencies responsible for border security.

What’s more, the speech isn’t even going to be that long. The White House has asked the networks to set aside about eight minutes around the 9 p.m. EDT slot for the president’s remarks which will come from the Oval Office.

Reports say that POTUS may be set to declare a national emergency at that time.

The networks aired a primetime speech by President George W. Bush on immigration in 2006 but did not carry one by President Obama in 2014. That said, Obama’s speech was not pressing; he outlined his plan to circumvent Congress and the Constitution by delaying deportation for about 4 million illegal immigrants.

The networks are not going to make Democrats happy, NBC News reported, if they air the speech because they passed on Obama’s four years ago. That said, if they do snub the president, they will bolster his argument that most of the mainstream media is biased against him.

Still, the overarching question network execs should be answering is whether this event is momentous and important enough for the American people to be made aware of, and clearly, the answer is yes if we’re talking about a president who’s about to declare a national emergency — one that will no doubt outrage Democrats and lead to a slew of lawsuits.

Beyond the details surrounding such a declaration, Americans are likely interested in hearing what the president’s plans are regarding border security and how he intends to proceed. — Jon Dougherty

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