U.S. Rep. Steve Scalise abruptly ended an online debate over Twitter with freshman Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez after the New York Democratic Socialist’s “radical supporters” began referencing the assassination attempt on his life.

“Snipe his a–,” one Twitter user wrote, in support of Ocasio-Cortez, Fox News reported, adding that the user went on to deny that the post was a call for violence, writing, “not seeing any violence there sorry.” The user eventually told Fox News the reference was to verbal “sniping.”

“she’s got better aim than James Hodgkinson, that’s for sure,” wrote another supporter, comparing her responses to the Louisiana Republican with the marksmanship of James T. Hodgkinson, the Illinois-based supporter of Sen. Bernie Sanders who shot Scalise and then died in a shootout with police.

“Kick his cane,” yet another user wrote, in reference to the cane Scalise still must use to walk with following his wounding.

Before those comments were posted, Scalise was arguing against Ocasio-Cortez’s call to tax wealthy Americans up to 70 percent, saying people should be able to “keep more of their hard-earned money.” He added that socialist Democrats like her want to take other people’s money and “give it to leftist fantasy programs.”

After seeing the comments, however, Scalise ended the online debate.

“Hi @AOC,” Scalise wrote to Ocasio-Cortez. “Happy to continue this debate on the Floor of the People’s House, but it’s clearly not productive to engage here with some of your radical followers. #StayClassy,” he wrote.

In an earlier tweet, Ocasio-Cortez, who has been a member of Congress for less than a week, claimed, “You’re the GOP Minority Whip. How do you not know how marginal tax rates work?”

“Oh that’s right, almost forgot,” she wrote. “GOP works for the corporate CEOs showering themselves multi-million bonuses; not the actual working people whose wages + healthcare they’re ripping off for profit.”

Perhaps once she gets a little time under her belt as a congressperson, Ocasio-Cortez will grow up a little more, drop the cheap Leftist talking points and get serious about working to pass economic policies that have a proven track record of success.

Since the GOP and POTUS Donald Trump tax cuts, the U.S. economy has averaged more than 3.5 percent growth, unemployment has fallen below 4 percent, and blacks and Hispanic unemployment are both at historic lows.

Also, reducing corporate taxes has boosted the number of manufacturing jobs — those “good jobs with benefits” that Ocasio-Cortez and fellow socialist Democrats claim they want for Americans — the most in decades. These are jobs that former President Obama once said were never coming back, while mocking POTUS Trump for claiming during his campaign that he could bring them back.

Forbes noted in October:

At a town hall in June 2016, President Obama famously said that some manufacturing jobs “are just not going to come back.” He went on to mock then-candidate Trump by saying he’d need a “magic wand” to make good on this manufacturing job promises.

Months later, as the shock of a President-elect Donald Trump was still being absorbed, New York Times columnist and economist Paul Krugman tweeted on November 25, 2016, “Nothing policy can do will bring back those lost jobs. The service sector is the future of work; but nobody wants to hear it.”

Well, a funny thing happened—Trump’s policies, and just as importantly, the expectation of Trump’s policies, ignited a manufacturing resurgence.

In the first 21 months of the Trump presidency, nonfarm employment grew by a seasonally adjusted 2.6%. In the same period, manufacturing employment grew by 3.1%, reversing the trend under Obama when overall employment grew faster than employment in the manufacturing sector.

Comparing the last 21 months of the Obama administration with the first 21 months of Trump’s, shows that under Trump’s watch, more than 10 times the number of manufacturing jobs were added.

Raising corporate taxes again, as well as taxes on the wealthiest Americans, would kill the economic expansion, rational economists instinctively know and understand.

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