After the new Congress was sworn in on Thursday and Democrats took control of the House, it didn’t take long for the freshmen socialists among party ranks to take what was left of decorum and toss it out the window.

Incoming Rep. Rashida Tlaib, D-Minn., in particular, was rather graphic and frank in expressing her primary purpose for having run her race: Getting rid of our duly-elected president.

According to multiple reporters, Tlaib shouted a threat to a crowd at a reception held by the progressive group MoveOn near Capitol Hill on Thursday night.

Axios’s Alexi McCammond reports that Tlaib quoted her son telling her, “Look, mama, you won. Bullies don’t win.” To which Tlaib reportedly replied, “You’re right, they don’t. And we’re gonna go in and impeach the motherfucker.”

Cue the Left-wing clapping seals in attendance.


You may recall that Tlaib, the first “Palestinian-American” elected to Congress, made headlines when she was tossed out of an event in Michigan where POTUS Trump was speaking after interrupting the then-Republican presidential nominee to ask if he had ever read the Constitution.

Later, she described it as “the most American thing I could ever do.”

Perhaps she should read the Constitution for if she would, she’d learn that presidents cannot (and should not) be impeached willy-nilly, that in fact, simply disliking the head of the Executive Branch isn’t a sound reason for impeaching him. Lots of Americans dislike Tlaib — and many more will after they hear what she said — but she did win an election and therefore is entitled to serve.

Just like POTUS Trump.

These socialist Democrats will learn hard lessons in the coming months — about governing, about public approval ratings, about issues of the day, about what must be done to protect our country, etc.

The time for campaigning is over. Now it’s time to grow up and be adults and govern. We’ll see if they’re capable of that or if they’re just going to be content to be backbench bomb-throwers who will make our country even more ungovernable.

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