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Hypocrisy: Pelosi’s pick to lead ‘Climate Committee’ owned stock in top polluter

The Democratic lawmaker incoming House Speaker Nancy Pelosi selected to head up a new committee to address the climate ‘crisis’ once owned stock in one of the country’s leading polluters of air and water.

As the Washington Free Beacon reported, last week Pelosi, D-Calif., announced that Rep. Kathy Castor, D-Fla., would head up the newly reconstituted House Select Committee on the Climate Crisis, which existed from 2007 to 2011 and then was disbanded by the Republican majority.

“This committee will be critical to the entire Congress’s mission to respond to the urgency of this threat, while creating the good-paying, green jobs of the future,” Pelosi said in a statement announcing the appointment.

“Congresswoman Castor is a proven champion for public health and green infrastructure, who deeply understands the scope and seriousness of this threat. Her decades of experience in this fight … will be vital.”

But far-Left ‘progressives’ are already complaining that the new committee “will be incapable of solving the greatest threat to humankind.”

That’s because financial disclosure records indicate that Castor has invested with top polluters.

The Free Beacon noted:

When joining Congress in 2007, Castor reported owning between $15,001 and $50,000 of stock in Dow Chemical, which has consistently been labeled as America’s top water polluter by the Political Economy Research Institute (PERI) at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Castor’s holdings in Dow grew throughout 2008, even as the company drew fire from the Environmental Protection Agency for allegedly violating the Clean Air Act and inadequately cleaning up dioxin contamination on the Tittabawassee River in Michigan.

Dow’s chemical plants, which the EPA estimated produced more than 600 million pounds of toxic waste in 2010 alone, have continuously been cited by state and federal regulators for discharging hazardous waste into the atmosphere and waterways.

Castor began shedding her stock in 2014 when she began to take a more high-profile role in “climate change” activism, selling the last of her Dow Chemical stock in May 2016 (always when it would fetch the best price). About that time she began purchasing stock in Caterpillar, Inc., a Fortune 100 company that has also been in the EPA’s sights.

As capitalists, we’re not complaining about someone who invests in the markets in order to get ahead.

But as Castor’s paper and financial records indicate, this is yet another story of Democrat hypocrisy when it comes to environmental issues.

Now let’s see if Pelosi changes her mind about having Castor lead the newly reborn climate committee.

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1 Comment on Hypocrisy: Pelosi’s pick to lead ‘Climate Committee’ owned stock in top polluter

  1. You can always tell what REALLY matters to DemonRATS . . . Benjamins, and not the health and welfare of American citizens. Remember this when it comes time to vote in 2020, that is if it matters, cause rumor has it that even as I type the DemonRATS are creating millions of fake identities in order to steal the election. Hope Trump has a plan to prevent voter fraud and election theft.

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