Noted constitutional law professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz joined “Fox & Friends” New Year’s Day to discuss a new survey that found most U.S. children are completely clueless about the Jewish Holocaust during World War II.

Not only are American children largely ignorant about Adolph Hitler’s “final solution” — in which he and his Nazi government slaughtered as many as 6 million Jews — a December poll found one-third of Europeans know little about the Holocaust.

In America, some 41 percent are unaware of or unsure about the Holocaust.

During a panel discussion, Dershowitz noted that people like Left-wing Democrats and their supporters who compare POTUS Donald Trump and Republican leaders to Nazis are essentially Holocaust deniers because there is simply no comparison.

“Well, it’s remarkable how little history people know and how little they are willing to learn about something as tragic as that. And the result is these false analogies all over the place,” he said.

“Everybody is compared to Hitler. Everybody is compared to the Holocaust… Anybody who compares Trump or anybody else to Hitler essentially is a Holocaust denier,” he added.

The worst part about this is that those who are ignorant of history are most at risk of repeating it.


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