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Roger Stone lashes out at Jerome Corsi, says he’s working with Mueller to entrap him

Political operative and longtime Trump associate Roger Stone is pushing back against claims by conservative author and conspiracy theorist Jerome Corsi that the latter concocted a cover story for him regarding the pending release of emails belonging to 2016 Clinton campaign manager John Podesta.

In a recent interview with Armstrong Williams, Corsi claimed that he “presented a cover story for Roger” in the form of a memo he said was “a public relations fabrication.” Corsi noted further that the memo “was a lie” after the grand jury for special counsel Robert Mueller suggested that Corsi had conspired with Stone to commit perjury.

“Robert Mueller and his prosecutors figured I had a connection to Julian Assange—that I could link Roger Stone to Julian Assange and from Stone back to Trump. And that was going to be their collusion theory for the theft of the DNC emails by the Russians,” Corsi — who has filed a lawsuit against Mueller for explained. “They figured I was the lynchpin because I could link Roger Stone to Assange. It just wasn’t true. I couldn’t do it.

“Their questions were all biased with a predetermined concept of the crime they envision happened, Russian collusion, and the person ultimately responsible, Donald Trump,” he told Williams.

In recent weeks, Corsi has claimed he told Stone and “many” others he believed that WikiLeaks had obtained emails from Podesta, which were allegedly stolen by Russian intelligence officers.

Now, Stone suspects that Corsi is actually working with Mueller to entrap him for perjury.

“So Jerry Corsi was working with Mueller to sandbag me on a fabricated perjury charge,” Stone said in a post Sunday morning along with a photo of Corsi.

Separately, in a statement emailed to The National Sentinel, Stone added, “I hate to see Jerry Corsi LIE like this. There was no ‘cover-story.’ Covering up what?

“Corsi never told me that anyone had stolen John Podesta emails and had never provided me with anything like that,” Stone continued.

“He has no proof or evidence to the contrary. Unfortunately for him, I have both emails and text messages that prove definitively that he is LYING and my testimony before the House Intelligence Committee is entirely truthful,” he added. “This whole cover-up thing is false and was suggested to Corsi by Mueller.”

Both Corsi and Stone are under scrutiny by Mueller over alleged ties to WikiLeaks and the supposed hacking of Podesta’s emails by Russian operatives, the latter of which has been repeatedly denied by WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. In fact, as we noted in September 2017, Assange has offered U.S. lawmakers proof that the Russian collusion and hacking narrative is false in exchange for a pardon.

Stone has also said that neither Assange nor his whistleblower organization is a “Russian asset” like U.S. intelligence agencies have asserted.

Corsi filed a federal lawsuit earlier this month accusing Mueller of “illegal and unconstitutional surveillance” of his phone and electronic records and of leaking grand jury information.

In the suit, Corsi said Mueller’s team had targeted him unfairly because it has “misrepresented the investigative research” that Corsi conducted into emails that were exchanged between Podesta and Clinton, and due to Corsi’s “investigative deduction” that the emails would “probably be released at a later date.”

Corsi’s defense lawyers wrote that Muller has “demanded” that Corsi “false testify” that he acted as a liaison between Stone and Assange, the Washington Examiner reported.

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  1. HEY! Mueller just has to get SOMEONE to “turn” on President Trump and make up something that STICKS! He doesn’t have TIME to coordinate WHICH lie is best!?!!

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