If you were looking for another reason to shun the Leftist “mainstream” news media, Chuck Todd, host of NBC News‘ long-running weekend news analysis program “Meet The Press” gave views one on Sunday.

Out of the blue, Todd decided that he will no longer give airtime to “climate change deniers” because the “science is settled” and there is no more cause for debate.

“Just as important as what we are going to do is what we’re not going to do,” he said. “We’re not going to debate climate change, the existence of it. The earth is getting hotter, and human activity is a major cause. Period.

“We’re not going to give time to climate deniers,” Todd added. “The science is settled even if political opinion is not.”

As a mainstream news guy, Chuck Todd makes a lousy climatologist. But then again, the Left has been unconcerned about facts when it comes to pushing dogma from the Church of Man-Caused Climate Change.

“Political opinion” is unsettled on the issue of climate change because the science is also unsettled, Mr. Todd. Simply screeching from the rooftops that human activity is the primary cause of our changing climate does not make it a fact, and censoring debate on the issue isn’t going to help.

No one doubts that the Earth’s climate is ‘changing.’ The climate has ‘changed’ for as long as the Earth has existed.

And few rational people deny that the burning of fossil fuels and other human-caused activity puts carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. We get that.

The question at hand is this: Is the amount of human-caused carbon dioxide put into the atmosphere actually affecting the climate? And it here where the debate, rightfully, rests.

No one really knows the answer to that question, despite the fact that Democrat-supporting journalists like Chuck Todd claim the question has been answered.

The reason why it’s important to finally get an answer to that question via certified, duplicable, scientific research is that we will need government and industrial policies to deal with the issue.

And so far, that research doesn’t exist. We have lots of climate “modeling” that says what Chuck Todd says, but modeling is based on input data, and if the data used for the modeling is tainted — as it often has been — then we get tainted politically motivated results.

We also have legitimate studies that indicate the opposite of what establishment news outlets like the one Todd works for are pushing.

If Todd wants to keep the discussion about climate change real, he shouldn’t censor people who are questioning questionable studies — he should ban the ‘scientists’ who conducted questionable research and bogus predictions of doom and gloom. — Jon Dougherty

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