As a portion of the government remains shut down over Democrats’ refusal to support a $5 billion border security package including construction of POTUS Donald Trump’s long-sought wall, law enforcement officials in California are blaming that state’s “sanctuary” law for the death of one of their own, allegedly at the hands of an illegal alien.

Police arrested Gustavo Perez Arriaga after a two-day statewide manhunt for the murder of Sheriff’s Cpl. Ronil Singh after the officer pulled him over in the small town of Newman on suspicion of drunk driving.

A local resident reportedly saw Arriaga get behind the wheel of a vehicle and flagged down Singh. The resident heard gunshots just moments later, according to Stanislaus County sheriff’s Sgt. Tom Letras.

Sheriff Adam Christianson, who led the investigation, blamed the state’s sanctuary law, which prevents police from cooperating with federal border enforcement officials in removing people inside the country illegally.

Local authorities wanted to report Arriaga to immigration officials for deportation after being arrested twice for drunk driving.

“We can’t ignore the fact that this could have been preventable,” Christianson told reporters, asking why the state was “providing sanctuary for criminals (and) gang members. It’s a conversation we need to have.”

The Associated Press noted further:

Perez Arriaga crossed the border in Arizona several years ago and had worked a variety of jobs as a laborer, including at several dairies. The 33-year-old had gang affiliations and multiple Facebook pages with different names, Christianson said.

[Note how AP did not add the word “illegally” after “crossed the border.”]

As usual, state Democrats are taking the side of the sanctuary law they passed rather than the side of law enforcement.

Former state Sen. Kevin de Leon, the Democrat who wrote the legislation, said it’s “highly irresponsible” to blame the law for Singh’s death.

“The type of tone and attitude that Sheriff Christianson has taken instills fear and panic in all immigrant communities” that could make people afraid to report crimes, he said, using the same lame lie all Democrats use to justify their open borders policies.

The fact remains Christianson is 110 percent correct and de Leon is 110 percent wrong: The law did lead to Singh’s death, which indeed was 100 percent preventable.

While Americans have disagreed over a border wall — most either approve or disapprove depending on the survey and who conducts it — what is clear is that a majority of Americans are opposed to illegal immigration and the “sanctuary” laws that protect people in our country illegally.

Democrats have taken a side in this debate, however, and it’s not on the side of safety and security for the American people they took an oath to serve.

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