Democrats have given all sorts reasons over the years to excuse the nefarious and [allegedly] illegal behavior by Hillary Clinton, but an Arizona congressman may have just bested everyone.

In an interview Friday with John Berman on CNN — of course — Rep. Ruben Gallego offered that Clinton should not be subjected to investigations by Republicans because she didn’t win the presidency, as if to suggest that had she won, then it would be okay to investigate her.

Gallego called a report by Republicans that was critical of the FBI’s putrid miscarriage of justice under then-Director James Comey — giving her a pass for her very obvious and very illegal mishandling of classified emails — nothing but “pure obsession.”

“There have been plenty of Republicans and Republicans in leadership that have undermined the [special counsel Robert] Mueller investigation, both by their public statements, as well as running some shoddy investigations,” he claimed.

“If you look at the House Intelligence Committee, and their investigation, it was basically an effort to cover up whatever this presidency did,” he added, a reference to the Trump administration.

Berman noted that the GOP report recommended a second special counsel look into FBI discrepancies they identified in how the bureau treated Clinton.

“This is just pure obsession by, you know, these Republicans,” Gallego responded.

“Hillary Clinton is no longer a presidential candidate,” he continued, “uh, the president is Donald Trump. He has clearly done some levels of violation that should be investigated.”

“They need to get over it, Hillary Clinton is not your president. She is not the person that should be investigated,” Gallego added.

“The collusion, the crimes that have occurred, have occurred under this administration and it’s time to actually look into and see what happened instead of trying to dodge it and distract by throwing something about Hillary Clinton out there,” he said.

Berman noted the obvious — that there has been zero evidence presented that the 2016 Trump campaign “colluded” with Russia to “steal the election” from Clinton, but no matter. Proof, evidence, and facts are not part of Democratic talking points.

The fact is there is plenty of evidence pointing to illegal activity on the part of the Obama administration as it pertains to the Spygate operation launched to stop POTUS Trump from winning and then undermining him afterward.

Comey wrote Hillary’s exoneration letter months before he ‘officially’ exonerated her — not his job, mind you — in July of 2016 because he wanted to work for her, not Donald Trump.

There is evidence that the FBI used the fabricated Steel dossier to trick the FISA court into giving agents a warrant to spy on minor Trump campaign figure Carter Page.

It was the Obama intelligence community that put spies in the Trump campaign.

It was Hillary’s campaign who paid for the dossier — which Christopher Steele wrote after ‘colluding’ with Russian sources.

And so on.

Quite obviously, Gallego is playing the part of Democrat stooge, trotted out on cue like a circus monkey by his party masters to project Clinton’s crimes onto the current administration. Ho hum; nothing new to see there.

However, while he may have zero legislative accomplishments under his belt, Gallego now at least has the dubious distinction of creating the most ridiculous excuse ever to dismiss Hillary Clinton’s misdeeds. 

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