Democrats have made some pretty outrageous accusations against the National Rifle Association over the years, but a claim made by Baltimore’s mayor — and one she’s fundraising off of — is one of the most scandalous.

Mayor Catherine Pugh seems to believe that the NRA advocates actually advocates for the private ownership of rocket launchers, according to a recent tweet she sent out.

As The Blaze reported:

The Baltimore Police Department’s latest gun buyback program — which is intended to reduce the number of unregistered weapons on the city’s streets — turned up a rocket launcher.

An actual rocket launcher.

Guidelines for the buyback included $25 for high-capacity magazines, $100 for revolvers and bolt-action or pump-action weapons, and $200 for semi-automatic weapons, according to the Baltimore Sun. The city also offered $500 for fully automatic weapons.

The rocket launcher reportedly fetched $500, though it wasn’t fully automatic.

The turn-in of the launcher was too much for Pugh to resist.

“As of today we removed over 1800 guns and 1 rocket launcher from the streets of #Baltimore. And yet the @NRA thinks somehow rocket launchers are good for Baltimore. Perhaps a name change is in order: The National Rocket Association. @Everytown,” she said, the latter a reference to former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s “Everytown for America,” an anti-gun organization.

Just. Wow.

Needless to say, the NRA has never come out in support of the private ownership of rocket launchers. For one, they aren’t “firearms,” they are legitimate weapons of war. If our founders wanted Americans to own warfighting ordnance they would have included “cannons” in the Second Amendment.

As for Pugh, well, she’s the mayor of Baltimore and since her party has a lock on the city, we’re pretty sure she’ll win reelection, and by a wide margin.

Because Democratic voters tend not to hold their politicians accountable — for taking away their rights, for creating massive pockets of crime, and for such public demonstrations of stupidity.

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