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Democrats who are set to take over control of the House in less than a couple weeks have vowed to launch probe after probe into POTUS Donald Trump’s finances because they are just certain that the billionaire real estate mogul could never have achieved his status in life without lying and cheating.

They will have an equal opportunity to put a slate of Leftist presidential contenders who are also billionaires under the same scrutiny in the coming months — but will they?

As Fox News reports, at least four billionaires — Hedge fund-manager-turned-environmental-activist Tom Steyer (worth $1.6 billion, says Forbes); former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz (worth $3.3 billion); and investor; Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban (worth $3.9 billion); and former New York City Mayor and media mogul Michael Bloomberg (worth $52 billion).

A sort of “billionaire boys club,” if you will. And they’re all aging or aged white guys, so that will really set off the rising “progressive” wing of the Democrat Party.

Thus far, Bloomberg appears to be the most serious of the group, having already visited some early primary states. Cuban would likely run as a Republican (RINO) or “Independent,” if he decides to jump in, Fox News reported.

And they will all face a crowded field of current and former Democratic political figures and, quite possibly, even former Vice President Joe Biden.

Mind you, today’s Democratic Party claims to be the party of the little guy and gal, though most of the party’s heavy hitters are well-situated as members of America’s 1 percent.

“I think it’s an uphill battle for a billionaire in the Democratic Party in a way that is distinct from the Republican Party,” Neil Sroka, communications director for the progressive group Democracy for America, told Fox News. “It’s not necessarily going to hurt them, but it’s definitely not going to help them.”

He added that it’s difficult for Democrats to toot the horn of “income inequality” when the donkey party’s leading candidate or candidates can afford to buy some third-world countries.

“It’s not as if it’s a cross to bear, but it’s something that they’re going to have to talk about and be forthright with throughout the primary process,” Sroka told Fox.

That should be a liability, true, but it won’t be because Democrats lack the hypocrisy gene.

So the billionaire boys will have a substantial advantage — like POTUS Trump, they’ll be able to self-finance their campaign and thus claim the mantle of being “independent” of special interests like the president was able to claim.

And, as Democratic strategists know, having billions of dollars means you can stay in the race longer than other, lesser-well-financed candidates.

One billionaire boys club member — Bloomberg — is liable to have difficulty making inroads into the insanely Left-leaning Democrat Party of 2020 because he used to be a Republican before turning “independent” and then back to the donkey party, according to some political analysts.

Maybe, but if he was anything, Bloomberg was a RINO so that doesn’t count. These days, Bloomberg is all about gun control and pretending like human-caused “climate change” is a real thing. He gets a couple check marks for those two agenda items.

That said, Leftist lunacy seems to be a prerequisite for the Dem party these days (yes, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, we’re looking at you) so that makes Steyer a leading contender. He’s been running around like Rep. Maxine “Low IQ” Waters of California screaming, “Impeach 45!” and has spent millions on an impeachment campaign.

“When you think of Tom Steyer, the first thing Democratic voters think of is he’s for impeachment, which is not a bad thing, because he’s able to get his message out and break through,” Adrienne Elrod, a Democratic strategist who served as senior aide on Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign, told Fox.

That alone makes him unhinged enough to become the party’s frontrunner; being a billionaire won’t hurt.

But will money be enough?

“I don’t know that the Democrats are necessarily interested in a candidate like [the billionaires] rather than somebody who is younger or who speaks to questions of diversity or who is going to run a much more unabashedly liberal or progressive campaign,” Saint Anselm College politics professor Christopher Galdieri told Fox.

In other words, the party is more likely to nominate a race-baiting, majority white-bashing, female person of color who will spout a message of perpetual victimhood while pretending that the Bill of Rights was never ratified and the civil rights movement never produced any positive results.

In other words, someone about as polarizing and divisive as Democrats claim POTUS Donald Trump is.

It ought to be a shootout. Get your popcorn in the microwave early.

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