Florida GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz said his Democratic colleagues keep making legislative choices that do nothing but make Americans less safe during a discussion about border security Sunday on CNN.

“Physical” border security — walls and other barriers — are favored by the vast majority of border security agents, he said, adding that a recent poll found 95 percent of them think so.

“[A] recent poll of border security agents showed that 95 percent of [border security agents] agreed that more physical barriers would assist in the performance of their duties,” Gaetz stated. “This isn’t an either/or — I think we can have an all of the above strategy.”

Nevertheless, “Democrats keep voting against all the things that we hope will keep the country safer like sanctuary city reform, like ending chain migration,” he added.

The House on Friday passed funding legislation that provided $5.7 billion in border wall funding, as POTUS Donald Trump has demanded. But the bill failed in the Senate because it got no support from Democrats.

The failure led to the current government shutdown after funding ran out for several agencies at midnight Saturday.

Democrat Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer of New York said last week on the floor of the chamber that no Democrats will vote for border wall funding, meaning that unless the president backs off his demand, the party of the donkey will ensure that federal workers remain furloughed a lot longer.

For anyone blaming the shutdown on POTUS Trump, recall a tweet he sent last week reminding the country that congressional leaders promised year-end border wall funding in April when he agreed to a budget that did not include it.

On Friday Michael Reagan, son of the late President Ronald Reagan, reminded POTUS Trump that Democrats promised border security in exchange for amnesty — but reneged on their pledge after Reagan signed an amnesty bill.

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