Now that Democrats have allowed part of the government to be shut down because they refuse to protect our country and give POTUS Donald Trump his $5 billion border wall budget request, it’s time to put some things in perspective.

Like the amount of money at play here. And Democrats’ true motivations.

First the money. Democrats and Leftist talking heads have complained that the $5 billion POTUS Donald Trump wants in fiscal year 2019 funding for his promised border wall is excessively expensive, but a new analysis finds that this argument to be, well, asinine.

The federal government spends more on the food stamp program in a single month than the president’s entire FY ’19 border wall budget request, CNS News‘ Craig Bannister noted on Friday.

“In October, according to the Monthly Treasury Statement, the federal government spent $5,892,000,000 on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), which is also known as the food stamp program,” Bannister writes.

“In November, according to the statement for that month, the federal government spent another $5,428,000,000 on the food stamp program, bringing the total so far for fiscal 2019 (after only two months) to $11,320,000,000—or an average of $5,660,000,000 per month,” he added.


Throughout FY ’18, the federal government spent more than $68.4 billion.

In stumping against the border wall on the floor of the Senate Wednesday, Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., said, “[T]he president held out for $5 billion for his wall, at the exorbitant cost of $31 million per mile, straight from the American taxpayer’s pocket.”

Exorbitant? How about the amount of money Americans spent paying for illegal immigrants and illegal immigration every year, Sen. Schumer? That figure is exorbitant.

NewsTarget notes:

…[A]ccording to a 2017 cost analysis by the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), illegal immigration costs U.S. taxpayers $155 billion annually. If the U.S. built a stronger border wall and enforced immigration laws, then the wall would pay for itself almost immediately and begin saving the country tens of billion of dollars each year.

FAIR’s cost analysis found that the total expenditures for illegal immigration is $45,870,474,332 at the federal level and $88,992,981,032 at the state and local level. The amount that illegal immigrants pay into the system at the federal level is a meager $15,447,897,700 and $3,520,960,000 at the state and local level. After doing the math, illegal immigration imposes a net fiscal burden of (115,894,597,664)USD.

One of the Left’s main arguments for allowing people to remain in the U.S. illegally to work is that they “pay taxes too.” Yes, that’s true — to an extent. Sales taxes and other point-of-sale levies are paid by anyone who buys something. But income taxes, payroll taxes, and Social Security taxes are not ordinarily paid by illegal aliens because they’re working in the shadows, so to speak, as FAIR’s cost analysis notes.

The fact is Americans pay tens of billions more in net costs than the country receives in net benefits due to illegal immigration. The numbers bear that out.

Now the motivation.

Democrats whining about a measly $5 billion out of $4 trillion in annual spending by the federal government just proves they’re not interested in border security in any meaningful way. They just want to keep the migrant spigot at all costs because doing so empowers them. Illegal immigrants, therefore, are more important to them than protecting American citizens.

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