POTUS Donald Trump praised the House GOP majority for passing spending legislation on Thursday that included $5.7 billion in funding for his long-sought border wall, though it’s far more likely the legislation went through because few — Paul Ryan, included — believe it will pass the Senate.

What’s more, the bill only funded the government through February, according to CNBC, so even though it contained border wall funding, there was little chance that spending bill would have lapsed and been replaced by one sans border wall funding once Democrats take over the House in January.

Still, there were enough Republicans in the lower chamber who knew what the right thing to do was, and that was stand up for border security.

Not a single Democrat voted in favor of the House legislation. And after the legislation passed the lower chamber, the Senate Democratic leader, Chuck Schumer, vowed that the bill wouldn’t pass.

CNBC noted specifically:

Both House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer have flatly said congressional Democrats will not approve wall money. As Republicans need Democratic votes to pass spending legislation in the Senate, a partial shutdown is all but assured if the GOP insists on funding for the barrier.

Schumer has been trotting from one mainstream media mic to another, as well as the well of the Senate, to claim that the pending shutdown is POTUS Trump’s fault.

Any fair-minded person who looks at the situation rationally, regardless of their political affiliation, cannot help but conclude that the Democrats will not only be responsible for the shutdown, they are standing against legitimate border security.

There are some Republicans who have also opposed this president’s border enforcement agenda since he stormed into D.C. two years ago with a clear mandate to get security done and a wall built. But consistently, his biggest opponents have been Democrats — the same ones who claim they want to secure the border but, when it comes time to vote like it, won’t.

There are open borders advocates all over Washington, D.C., and in both parties. But the fact is that more Republicans have consistently backed the president’s border wall and have voted for funds to build it than Democrats, and by a large margin.

The shutdown is likely going to happen, and the swamp with its compliant media will attempt to spin it as all on the president — who did say he would take the ‘credit’ for it recently in an open-door meeting at the Oval Office with Schumer and House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi.

But in vowing to take credit for the shutdown, the president also exposed the party of the donkey for what it wants: Open borders and hordes of illegal aliens coming into America to take jobs, harm or kill your friends and relatives, and live off our tax dollars.

This shutdown is 100 percent on Democrats who care more about citizens of other countries than they do citizens of their country.

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