POTUS Donald Trump came under heavy fire from some of his staunchest supporters this week after news broke that the U.S. government ‘found’ $10.8 billion to send to Mexico and Central America even as Congress refused to provide him with half that amount for his promised border wall.

As NewsTarget reported, the money did not come from Congress so it didn’t really come from taxpayers:

The funding will come from the Overseas Private Investment Corporation, or OPIC, a government entity created in 1971 by President Richard Nixon for the purpose of helping “American businesses invest in development in emerging markets,” according to its website. The agency is reportedly self-sustaining, meaning it does not receive any taxpayer funding. “OPIC operates on a self-sustaining basis as no net cost to American taxpayers and has generated money for the U.S. Treasury for 39 straight years,” the website notes.

These details were initially reported by The Associated Press as well, which meant they got wide circulation. But they didn’t get much traction; as the battle over the border wall was heating up, all many of POTUS Trump’s supporters saw was him ‘caving’ on wall funding while Mexico, Guatemala, and El Salvador got a payday.

What a chump we elected for president, right?

No so fast.

By week’s end, we learned two things: 1) Ceding to the president’s demands, the House has now passed a new spending bill that would keep the government open and funded for the fiscal year and that includes $5.7 billion in wall funding; and 2) Mexico announced a major new policy agreement with the Trump administration that makes an end-run around the judicial activists in our federal courts blocking the president’s new asylum rules.

As the AP noted Friday:

People seeking asylum at the U.S. border with Mexico will no longer be released in the United States and will instead be forced to wait in Mexico under a policy announced Thursday that marks one of the most significant moves by President Donald Trump to reshape the immigration system.

The measure is an aggressive response to a large and growing number of Central American asylum seekers, many of them families, who are typically released in the United States while their cases slowly wind through clogged immigration courts. It does not apply to children traveling alone or to Mexican asylum seekers.

The U.S. and Mexican governments called it a unilateral move by the Trump administration, but the announcement came two days after the U.S. pledged $10.6 billion in aid for Central America and southern Mexico to make people feel less compelled to leave.

Now, of course, there are critics of this plan — mostly Leftist Democrats who pine for a day when our borders vanish and anyone and everyone can come to America and vote for them.

But realists should look at this deal and praise the president for his policy brilliance.

Yes, American dollars are heading south, but importantly they are investment dollars from a self-sustaining entity, not tax money.

The vast majority of asylum seekers — most of whom weren’t going to be eligible anyway — are not going to be permitted to come into our country so they can simply disappear and be absorbed by our generous welfare system.

And three, the president looks poised to get his wall money.

Now, say what you will, but from my perspective, this sure looks like a big policy win for the president and our country, as well as other involved parties. – Jon Dougherty

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