As the D.C. Establishment freak out over POTUS Donald Trump’s decision to pull U.S. forces out of Syria, which likely led to Defense Secretary James Mattis’ resignation, continues to unfold on Friday with dire predictions of global collapse, the hysterics on the part of the so-called “mainstream media” have been off the charts.

Even for them.

“Trump gave Putin a big Christmas gift this year,” MSNBC‘s ‘Republican’ host Joe Scarborough tweeted.

“I don’t believe in coincidences. As Mueller’s probe tightens, Putin’s leverage on Trump intensifies. Hard to read the Deripaska sanctions move & pulling out of Syria as anything other than Trump’s Christmas gifts to his handler,” wrote Edward Luce, the U.S. editor for the London-based Financial Times. 

“The government of the United States is now in almost total free fall. The situation in 1974 was orderly and professional compared to this complete circus,” wrote “Ex-GOP” national security analyst Tom Nichols.

And so on.

Thank goodness there are at least a few voices of sanity out there in media land, including the Washington Examiner‘s Byron York, a Washington vet who’s been around for real crises.

In a series of tweets he wrote:

Somewhat louder-than-normal freakout over Trump and Mattis departure. A few thoughts. First, the willingness of leaders like Mattis and Kelly to serve in this administration has been a great service to the country. Thank them. 1/5

Second, it is not exactly unprecedented for a SecDef to leave, over policy differences or otherwise. Mattis served longer than any of Barack Obama’s last *three* SecDefs, Panetta, Hagel, Carter. 2/5

Third, what’s happening is the president is asserting himself and his view of the world, which is the view he campaigned and won election on. He is asking questions for which the national security establishment does not have clear, indisputable answers. 3/5

survival frog

For example, beyond the Trump pledge to ‘knock the hell out of ISIS,’ what is the US goal in Syria? How do our 2k troops there bring that about? And in Afghanistan, what will continued involvement accomplish that we have not been able to accomplish in the last *17* years? 4/5

So beyond the freakout, Trump is asking questions that, most likely, many Americans ask about these military commitments. Will be interesting to see what public thinks on the Syria, Afghanistan issues. 5/5 End.

We’d be willing to bet that the vast majority of POTUS Trump’s base had been asking some of the same questions York just asked in this short tweet storm — for years. But they have not gotten any satisfactory answers to those questions, only more pledges of “someday” accompanied by unverified claims of “we’re winning.”

What POTUS has done is about much more than just throwing red meat to his base. He’s fixing foreign policy mistakes made by, or perpetuated by, his predecessors.

It’s important to remember that the “establishment” didn’t want to get out of Vietnam, either. But we did. And guess what? The world didn’t blow up, we still defeated the Soviets in the Cold War, and we saved countless American lives.

What the president is doing is long overdue. We applaud him for it. And because we understand America is  a global superpower capable of immense force and destruction, we’re not too concerned about ISIS. Or Iran. Or even Russia.

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