(National Sentinel) No Deal: While the White House spins POTUS Donald Trump’s apparent decision to cave on his demand for a paltry $5 billion in the 2019 budget for border wall construction, talk radio legend Rush Limbaugh has some stellar advice for the commander-in-chief: Just say no.

During his program Wednesday, Limbaugh — who met with the president at the White House for a Christmas celebration recently — said POTUS should refuse to sign any legislation that does not contain his requested border wall funding and leave town.

“Shortly after the election into the transition into Trump’s first term, all we kept hearing from the Drive-Bys was, ‘This man doesn’t know the Constitution! He doesn’t care. He’s gonna become a dictator!'” Limbaugh said.

“Dictator? I don’t know what Trump is thinking about. I’ll tell you what he ought to do, my humble opinion. I just saw on Fox everybody’s breathless. (impression) ‘The budget deal! It might be signed. We’re down to the wire.’ I get so sick and tired of this! It’s a game! It’s not even real!” he continued.

“A government shutdown never hurts a damn soul, and every year at this time, ‘The government might shut down! It might shut down! It might shut down!’ Trump should not sign this bill and leave for Mar-a-Lago, and tell them it’s not gonna get signed and their precious government’s not gonna get back up and running ’til there’s $5 billion. What are they gonna do? Impeach him? Huh?”


On Wednesday, White House counselor Kellyanne Conway told Fox News that the president has other ways to find funding for the wall, but it’s not at all clear where that money would come from or if he’d even be able to spend it legally.

Limbaugh said that outside of his suggestion, the president got “nothing” in the latest budget, and he certainly didn’t get any help from the Republican congressional majority, some of the same schmucks (Paul Ryan, we’re looking at you) who promised repeatedly during the 2016 election cycle they backed the wall but now…don’t.

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